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I want to say at the big game a very good place to start um so the beginning is we see it's schinas party masquerade birthday party and we find out that there's this rumored the jack slept with someone acts in her head sex and then producers ask jacks pointblank in interview jacks did you sleep with her or did you cheat on brittany and he was like his classic like well or something like that justice told me the truth digital brittany and then cut to the opening quota cuts please oh it's like score says he level like really it's so good so good so then you know we kind of catch up with where people were what was it like how many hours before the it was two days before right okay but much like we learn that there's this room or the whole time and during the episode we all know now that she has broken up with rob and the first thing she says the whole episode is how much she's in love with rob and how amazing he is rob masoomi south africa i am in a new relationship rob as someone who brings a lot of positive energy and some my life i mean throughout the whole episode it was crazy how much it was it was like you know it was always it was always razzano israel yeah each he was a person i he's the percentage of post to be with i'm onto bigger and better things like sheena and i love the lisa vander poetry no i was like yes lease a you like it you she's like you married someone right lady you didn't feel at at the moment that you're in love with somebody else i don't think she nor is the most reliable source in these cases that means a kate is wedding she was telling me that she have butterflies in her stomach for shea i think you and i though had the same feeling when she was in the office remember at the end of last season because she had started dating rob and it was like she was over the moon irene it was crazy over heels and we were asking you know as the.

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