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But at the same time more than seven hundred million people lived in bangladesh india pakistan nepal. They were all neighboring countries and it had become really obvious that a mass vaccination program just wasn't going to be able to eradicate the disease in this region. These neighboring nations had been trying to vaccinate their whole populations for years. They were one hundred and twenty thousand health staff working on the program in india alone so the strategy shifted to mirror what had actually worked in nigeria in the late nineteen sixties. Health officials quarantined anyone who contracts smallpox and used extensive contact tracing to determine who else might have been exposed they vaccinated their immediate families and the surrounding communities. This became known as the ring method. Basically making a ring vaccinated people around each active smallpox case so that the disease just could not spread monitoring and surveillance were critically important to this process since health workers could only make vaccinated ring around cases of smallpox that they knew about so health workers traveled from place to educating local. Doctors healers leaders and officials about smallpox reporting and seeking out an isolating active smallpox cases. And then vaccinating anyone who may have come into contact with these patients using this method pakistan saw. Its last reported case of smallpox in october of nineteen seventy four nepal. In april of nineteen seventy-five india in may of nineteen seventy five and bangladesh. In october of nineteen seventy. Unfortunately although ethiopia's last case of smallpox was reported in august of nineteen seventy six by that point it had been reintroduced into neighboring somalia which was still experiencing active cases in nineteen seventy seven. Donald henderson resigned. As the head of the intensified eradication program he was replaced by our rita who had been medical officer of infectious disease control in the ministry of health and welfare in japan before joining the world health organization that same year. Nine hundred seventy seven authorities started trying to contain an outbreak of the minor among nomadic peoples. In the desert region that spans parts of ethiopia somalia and kenya smallpox was reintroduced into kenya. But that introduction was quickly contained and kenya reported its last case in february of nineteen seventy seven in july of one thousand nine hundred ninety seven somalia and ethiopia went to war over control of part of this region and then that hampered efforts to control this ongoing outbreak in somalia somalia actually reported three hundred cases of smallpox in nineteen seventy seven. The last one was the case of alima oma lean who was a cook. It mirka hospital on october. Twelve nineteen seventy seven. A driver carrying to smallpox patients to an isolated camp stopped at the hospital to ask for directions..

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