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He detailed how daniel has refused to comply with the towns. It's two thousand seventeen. He wrote quote. Mr baez record of compliance has been horrendous. Daniel has appealed the ruling. Of course this could still drag on for a bed and there's one thing that won't change even if the range get shut down even if the buildings get knocked down the annual so own that land and paul michelle and everyone else up on the hill. We're not. We're not quitting agree with that for now. At least they're also going to be neighbors Mike gig leo. We'd like to give it to the press in vermont which has done a great job covering all this. Vp digger vermont public radio and the manchester journal. Only because you never know for sure is really suspicion. Outside in the california sky. Sunny disposition program was produced by our pristine diane woo. It's actually are last week. Production fellow here at our show our first and hopefully last all remote production fellow and he's such a great job. Today's episode a good example of that the people were together as episode. Include the amount of wound me on a baker. Ben calhoun zoe chase sean. Codeine and shiva's damian grave. Seth wayne marked locker stone. Nelson nadia raymond..

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