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To you by straight talk Wireless. That was the question. I asked Tim Legler, I'll ask it of myself now. The Clippers have been a lot of people's championship pick since before the season began, not mine, but many other people. The question is, Are they in trouble in this first round? And the answer is yes. If you made me bet an amount of money that mattered to me, I would still take them to win this series. But this is not going to be easy because in every quarter Of the two games that are played so far that Kristaps Porzingis was eligible. Mavericks have been the better team. If he doesn't get thrown out of game one, I continue to say disgracefully. They were going to score about 130 points in that game. They scored 127 last night. The Clippers are a great defensive team, and they are being worked. By this Mavericks offense, which was one of the great offenses in the history of the sport by the numbers. And they're backing it up. And they got a lot of contributions Last night. Their bench was sensational. Last night, Boban comes off the bench and gives them big minutes. Seth Curry comes off the bench and gives them big minutes. But this is all about Luca. Legs this morning, said on my show, you heard a little clip of him there said. This is we're entering the decade of Luca, and that's what it is. This is about to become Lucas League. The N B. A is going to be Luca's league when the current generation Moves away. Right now it's LeBron's league. Katie, correct their league. They own this lead the national basketballs and stuff but stuff and they're not fair to him. Their league. There they are. They are the faces of the N ba. Luca Don Cheech is next. He's got next ahead of Janos and ahead of anybody. Luca Don, which is ridiculous. There was one player in the history of the N Ba, who has scored more points in his first two playoff games. Then Luca Dante, that was George Michael in 1949 Google him 20 years before I was born. Luca Dandridge is spectacular. And he's single handedly has this team in serious trouble. Now again, I believe in Kawai Paul George won't play that badly again, Jeralyn said To me today, their their their intestinal fortitude. Their manhood has been challenged by this Paul George was getting roasted. On Twitter last night, when he had a scoreless first half he'll come out and play great. I still believe they'll win the series. It's going to take him a while. And that sort of thing tends to compound itself as the postseason goes along. So are the Clippers in trouble? Yes, I believe they're in a level of trouble that the Lakers are not Meanwhile, another quick thoughts on Luca and Porzingis and the Mavericks and what they are, and maybe what someone else isn't J. Williams this morning on our morning show, so this I'm not worried about the Clippers As much as I am in all of the Dallas Mavericks, the Dallas Mavericks are everything that the Philadelphia 76 years want to B. That's it. That's exactly right. The Dallas Mavericks of the process. The process worked in Dallas, because they've got the right guy. In Philadelphia. They kept getting the wrong guy over and over and over again and they didn't have the infrastructure around even when they got the right guys. And now they're going to change coaches because they're getting humiliated in this playoff series with her without Simmons. But the reality is Simmons is terrific is a terrific player and he will be a perennial All Star. But Luca don church is going to be the best player in the N B A for the next 10 years. He may already be. If he isn't he's damn close. So The Mavericks are exactly what the Sixers wanted to be. And I say that looking in part and my producer Cliff was from Philadelphia and is a crazy fan of all things. Philly. And I feel your pain. I'm sorry for you. I'm a lifelong fan of the Knicks. So believe me, I am staring up at you and everybody else. The Sixers are in trouble. They're done. They're dead in their Syria. That's over. And it would be they wouldn't win this Siri's even if they had everybody healthy. And I thought for a while, and Jalen Rose was saying it from the day we launched Get up April 2nd 2018. Jalen Rose said. Well, I'm beat and Benson and should not be on the same team. They don't fit together. They're two pieces that don't fit together. They are a round hole in a square peg. Or whatever things there are that don't fit together. Well, I would get that one wrong too. Anyway, there that Poor Zynga's And Luca are perfect, and they're exactly what the N B A is going to be. Lucas, the guy with the ball in his hands, who was a magician who sees things before they happen and forcing asses, 7 ft three and shoots threes. He's got 35 ft range. We're talking about the N B. A of the 20 twenties. The Mavericks are the next he they've got next. They may not win this series. They might they might still fool around. Actually beat the Clippers in this area wouldn't shock me. I still don't expect it. Even if they don't they are the future way more than Philly is more than anybody is. The Mavericks of the future. The Clippers right now we're in trouble. Straight talk Wireless. No contract. No compromise. Let me say one more quick thing about the MBA. Tonight is the draft lottery. I'll talk to Bill us about that coming up in about 10 minutes. It's not.

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