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Yeah. Bye. Asking. Good gamblers the cyz, bro. Bets a podcast for degenerates by degenerates today is Monday, April fifteenth happy tax day. This is your tax reminder of those yet take your gambling winnings. And and you and you pay your taxes or you take your tax money. New gambling away either way. Happy tax eight everybody also happy tiger day to everyone. Awesome. Tiger winning is just awesome. Even though I had Molinari plus twenty two hundred which would have made me a pretty penny. Didn't care. I it's it's kind of like betting against your home team. Because if they win you're happy, and if they lose you win money, so that's how kind of was for me with with tiger. And what was going on there? I think we hit a nice little from our masters picks. I know we had like Zander Shafi was up there for skeptics KEPCO was up there. I had good old himself. Can't remember his name who played well in Mexico awfully and didn't tip his caddy. He was up top twenty. Yeah. We a lot of top twenty winnings there. Yeah. Woody Monday morning. Phil Mickelson drive up to oh off feels the best fill. If if there was one PJ tour member who would tour player who would listen to the show. It'd be film. He is a general might be filth. You're listening good showing over the weekend fell a little short. Yeah. I mean, it was good though. Get the next one. So we did. Well, there we had the NBA playoffs. Kickoff this weekend the dogs at very well. Saturday the favorites did well on Sunday the under is eight no in the NBA playoffs. Little fun facts. I did see. Oh, yeah. Thank you. Thank you. That's what I'm here. We're we're not here. I'm just I'm not just throwing up here in microphone. Good for you today. All right. So let's just jump right into it. Today. We have NBA playoffs. We have an inch L playoffs. And we've got a little MLB baseball. Anyone have anything other than that? I'm waiting for gore racing seasons. Coming up common, boys. Boy, did we have good Arkansas derby over the weekend. We're gonna have those picks coming up the Kentucky Derby running a few weeks, and it's all based on points gets in there. But I've got my feelers out there. My nets are spread y over the US right now in currently right now I've got five horses that could win. I love that Kentucky Derby. I'll I'll feed you do their pre-race trot. I can tell you is gonna win every to your. We don't want any foam coming out the ass area. That's right. I'm just saying those are nerve also don't like that for myself. Yeah. That's true. You can avoid it. Yeah. Baby. Let's get into MBA playoffs. Tonight's. There's two games. I have picked him one of the games you boys. I'm sure have some picks for those games. Let's start with Boston. Connor. I love the nets. Not sure on any of these NBA game just because of how questionable everything started. My two picks today are NHL. Okay. But again, similar tally. You can't bet against the blue jackets. You can't bet against the nets at the Sixers game one stick with the dogs. Don't be foolish. I mean game won the nets were plus eight and they win and and game to their now. Still plus eight's. Now, I'm not sure what is changed. Joel Embiid still questionable. Yes. For that reasoning? I'm gonna just give gimme the points. I'm I'm not gonna you can't take the Sixers in this spot. Take the points. I am. I am. I'm taking the points. I took them on Saturday. I took the points. Then I'm there's no nothing that thinks if the line was maybe three maybe I'd lean Sixers, but I am going to go with the nets and the eight here until alive proven otherwise a little bit of a mess right now in Philly. I'm riding with the Brooklyn nets. I take them to win to win the series fun fact as Philadelphia's your mess, right? Jim Jimmy Butler, you're coming on. Nobody respects you in the locker room, Ben Simmons. You're getting booed at home. Joel embiid. The Sixers go through you, and how your health is. And how ready you are to play and everything like that. If he is banged up and not one hundred percent. I don't like it. I'm taking the points tonight. And I also got the Brooklyn nets with the first round series upset the poor. Sixers drafted in the top two or three came here. What Markelle Fultz was gene straight years? The they had the threes. They had the three pick and they players in. Ben Simmons Markelle Fultz who don't know how to shoot a basketball. The fuck does that happen? Not only that though then they trade their best shooter Landry Shamet clippers. So I mean Tobias Harris can't shoot the basketball either. Hey, incredible sake way. Good one. Oh, the night clippers CONNER didn't realize he did it spread is thirteen gold. Stay covered easily on Saturday nights. I'm not touching this game. But if I had to touch it it would be it would not be on the clippers side. Tony let me throw this clip little brouhaha that happened last game with Kevin Durant and Patrick Beverley. I'm taking it one thing the Golden State Warriors. No is we are better than this basketball team. I don't think they're going to blow him out by twenty tonight. I think Doc Rivers will somehow show up. I'm taking the clippers tonight and the nets both dogs are my picks. I'm taking thirteen and a half and Doc Rivers. Love it. Jeff. I'm like I said, I I'm not taking this pick. So I'm gonna trust you hear you. I mean, your your you've been hot lately, Golden State's blown them out. Yeah. Totally to blow out in the open with it. Now, it's going to be I think they'll probably win. But it's going to be wake closer thirteen. I got a guy on the inside and the clippers good friend of mine. Back home grew up together, we go he, you know, he works with the clippers and they actually took the bus down that day. Okay. Oh, yeah. They've stayed since. Then we talk about the previous spread. That first game strep seventeen. Yeah. They bring that down four points. There's something in the water. I mean, that's just that's two buckets here. That's buckets there by ten. All right. Yesterday. It was a tough. Did anyone where you guys on the thunder yesterday? Yes. I was as it was a tough little little thought away not everything the losing series. Yeah. Westbrook's hothead fuck Paul Georgia's danged up dude, he needs surgery. Like right now, he he I mean, he's off he's often if he's one of the top ten players in the NBA along with Russ on the Saint grand and he's not playing these plane. Fifty percent sixty percent while Stephen Adams fucking asked handed to them by by X. Okay. See forget that he was on the blazers when I bet that too. And if I if I remember Dina's Kanter is gonna go for twenty and fifty. To your big anus Kanter guy. Yeah. Doubles zeros come on. All right. So that is our MBA picks tonight. We're leaning we're going nets and clippers from the room. Now that brings us to the other playoff sport going on right now, the NHL bring in our expert, Mr. Haughey talk himself, Nikki skates laws trying to figure this one. Did the NHL playoffs is the most unpredictable thing. It really is the best thing the whole torment has won a game yet, not even close. What what can you do here? We're doing our best though, we're or plotting along treading water. Who tonight let's go with? I'm gonna take Washington at Carolina. I like Carolina lot, but I'm taking Washington based purely on the value here Washington, plus one hundred as even money, I'm I'm going with Boston at home against Toronto. I'm sorry with Boston on the road at Toronto. Like the Bruins at minus one. Oh, five cadre got suspended. Thron owes got some things to figure out fucking took sh- just to. I mean the fucking neck Getty sticking his teammate. But God damn he just. Yeah. He always walks the line. He's a little bit of a little bit of rat. I would also take Dallas at home against natural Dallas, minus one twenty great defensive team there that's tight series. Both of those have been believe and then Colorado and Calgary taking Calgary on the road at Colorado, minus one twenty five so from all of the Bruins the caps the stars and the flames I am going under the five in the stars pregame Tony in a very very very tight Lee played series Pekka loved Dallas under all year long. And then on top of that, I'm gonna take the under grant salami for all the twenty two and a half. Nice. It's about time in the in the playoff series that we are buckling it up a little bit. I like to Salamis let's get it going Gore's where show Tony pucks. Here's what I wanna talk to you about this because I'm going opposite. A Nick Maroteaux. Okay. I got a two team parlay that I am rolling tonight in the NHL. I am taking the. Editors on the road to beat the Dallas Stars. I'm taking Toronto at home to beat Boston. That is will be a good payoff. If you believe enough in it and believe in me, which not many of you do Nick Merle opposite. A you calls though. But I am taking Toronto at home to go to one in a series. I am taking Nashville on. Okay. So for our Cup of coffee day parlay. I'm taking the stars. And Bruins off since you guys disagree. But Goram how do you feel about the cap? I'm with lanes. I'm with all right. So we'll leave. I'm with both of those calls are what's your name? Boston connor. I obviously like the Bruins tonight but more so because of how well they played in game two and lineup Qadri get him out back back back sky. I mean, he sets the tone up front, and we're huge four check and team always have been back as lives on the four check like the Bruins money line. And then again capitals as well. Like Nick said, and when he did it bring up his how they're actually playing Backstrom weren't you saying what Backstrom blocking? Shots. Now. He's the play. They've they've squandered some leads, but they haven't lost. Okay. So they get up early and they blow lead, but they're finding ways the wind still. So I think it's another gonna be another deep run here for the cat. Great sign Todd UNH, and I did not Nick do you want to make sure you do today on hockey talk that that hockey talk podcast coming out there? Yep. It is coming up to that. Do you want to do a little state of the union here on the Pittsburgh Penguins? How you feel? Just they're not executing getting out played. Maybe there's there's not one piece of their game. That says they deserve to win a game right now, the defensive pinching and all the wrong times the forwards can't score. They can't get score from their stars. Or the secondary scoring. The goaltending has been average. But it's been the best piece of their game. Because they can't get anything else to click the power play isn't bailing them out. There's just no there's no room for them the skate. They look step too slow with everything they do. They're just literally being outplayed in every sense of the game. God, Tony Nick had a good point earlier. What did you watch yesterday? Did you watch your penguins? Or did you watch Tigers because they were both going off at the same time and in the heart of tiger making his run. Yeah. It was in the heart of that hockey game in Merlo said, hey at the commercial I flipped back and see what tiger. Did what did you do? Mr. I I had tiger on the main TV. And then I had the pens on my laptop. Nice think. What I did. But I was making the point the NHL what the hell were they doing having one game during the the masters final pairing, and then no games until basically seven nine ten one game of thrones was in their defense. The masters was not supposed to off till three. What's the weather that pushed to earlier? So then the pens game would have should have been over by three. Tiger was going off it I enjoyed waking up early and having it, right? Well, yeah, I I watched both. I mean, I could do I I'm a multi it's TV season p. P you need. Raleigh. I appreciate it. Let's move onto a little MLB. I could see fucking Todd's chomping at the bit over there. And they'll be what he got lock of the year. Go Todd the dodgers Moneyline red in Kershaw is on the dodgers. He's a complete beasts the reds are still struggling especially offense. They are starting to steal will matter. Maybe they'll hit the the under in this game. I don't know. But I know this the dodgers will win. And if you don't if you if you're not putting this in a parlay, and you want to get a little more value for your bet don't be afraid to take the run line on the dot. Yeah. Plus one thirty. So this is a no brainer. Also, I have Seattle plus one hundred at home against Cleveland, we still riding the Mariners thirteen and five Cleveland's eight and seven and Cleveland, the favourite tonight on the road and Seattle something doesn't fit there. I know it's pitching. But I'm with ya. It's bitching like the Indians on base percentage is only two fifty four against lefties Inc. Yuki, gene. Throws with the left one the left the, and if you look at the other side Trevor Bauer, I know. Very very good. But Yadel is like the third third ranked offense offense against righties. This is going to be a good day for them skit value. Don't get Seattle plus one hundred hall. If you would have if you would've left that set out, I probably would've taken the under Gucci and Bauer just because they ha- they are both very good. All right. So we got Mariners and dodgers from you gorge. You got an Email if you just heard it. All right, Connor you only thing I have actually started fifteen minutes ago. We have the same socks Orioles patriot. Yeah. We got the Boston marathon today here here, and yeah, I took the socks over six winter. You got a winner in that race? You know, usually I do Kenya. Not from American guy from Ezio peel real fast run. Runs. He runs fan. All right. I also took the under eleven in that game. Just because eleven runs is a lot of fucking runs. I mean, that's a that's a highlight with the Orioles just out of principle. I had to take the under there. All right. So that leaves us with seven picks for a Cup of coffee day parlay. That's a very cheerful number. Tony. I had the under impressed Dallas under five Brooklyn nets plus eight the clippers plus thirty. Yes. Capitals even money. The flames are at minus one twenty the dodgers modest one sixty five and the Mariners minus one ten those who are picks today if you put five dollars, although six Clive dolls dollars when you cool three hundred eighty I love

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