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Oh my gosh. Yeah. I mean little did I know all those things we're going to be really like. Tools to help carry me through this and de make really so. Yeah thankfully, by the time March hit at least I was able to get around on the scooter whereas January February and for the first at least first week of March I. I had to be completely non weight bearing a had to be lying on the couch with my foot elevated and that was really hard. You know to just feel my muscles slowly. Disappearing atrophying away. Yes, I was becoming like Betamax. From big hero six my guess. Djing and comfortable to lean on. Say Well do you offer any words of encouragement for anyone listening who might be dealing with an injury right now and feels like I can't run my life is over this sucks. This is the worst any any words for them? I mean something that I was constantly reminding myself was this is not for forever. You know just to give myself perspective even though it feels like that and it's just this is not for forever and if I know that. Then, how? How do I want to live today? You know if I were to look back at this time. How would I wanNA remember it being you know do I wanna remember myself having just been completely just I don't know having given up or do I want to remember this time as being. Totally, unexpected you know and where I have grown and I can look back and say like you know what? I still made the most of it and that makes me a stronger bad ass woman you know. So I don't know that's just I hope that that might be of some encouragement. I also just encourage everyone to take the time to grieve. And to mourn the loss of what was mourn the loss of perhaps your plans might have been and just take the time to process to feel those feelings and to recognize that. Yeah. It sucks. It sucks to be dealing with injury. It sucks to not be able to run and do what you love but then to. India to be able to. Move through those feelings to be able to find new and creative ways to still move to still engage with life and with others and who knows like you might surprise yourself in discovering new things you know and connecting with different people that you might not have had had. You just stayed in your own routine and rhythm of running in the same way as you know so. See now we just need to get you and she'll lane and DNA who also has. Yes. Yeah. I always say it wrong and navicular. Put Them in various orders, those words, but we just need to get the three of you together do a panel together start relaying. A run clubs something I don't know I just feel like those three in a room good things could happen. Yeah let's make it happen. Out there. Alright, well, in lieu of a sprint finish because you've been through that, already, I want to wrap this up with a bit of what we just got some good caroline endorsed encouragement. But let's end on another note with that. Give everyone listening a reason to use their voice today. Use Your Voice. Because your voice matters and someone said out there is longing to hear. Oh. I. Love that so much. You are the best. Thank you so much for doing this tell everyone where they can and should find and follow you. You can find me personally at I run for the glory on Instagram, and then you can find diversity run at a diverse we run on instagram as well. It's so good to catch up with you. Thank you so much for doing this. You are amazing. I'm so grateful for you and just such a treat to have you back on the alley on the run show. Always, glad to talk. Thank you so much for being here for the third episode in the what's new with you series we are halfway through this series, which means we still have three break people to catch up with any guesses who they might be and already spoiled at least two of them for you. You can guess remember regular episodes are still coming your way every Thursday those aren't going anywhere. So make sure that you are subscribed to the alley on the run show in the podcast listening up of your choice I don't want to miss thick. And if you want even more alley on the run fund, you can check out my newly launched website. It is pink it is pretty I. AM excited about it. It's Allie on the run blog dot com. There's lots of good stuff over there plus you can always find me all over the Internet on Instagram and twitter I. Am Ali on the run one and in the alley on the run show best running friends group, and then if you want even more bonus episodes for the alley on the run Patriot community, which you can find patriots, dot com slash alley on the run. Okay. So many announcements I of course they've the most important for last big thanks to you can for sponsoring this series and supporting the alley on the run show. Remember Goto you can dot c o slash on the run and use code on the run for twenty percent off your you can order that's you can dot co slash on the run for twenty percent off. All right. Do something great today something new something beyond your comfort zone and thanks for joining me on the run..

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