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Of our products available in grocery stores until we are able to re open our facilities that are currently closed yes certainly if anyone listening if you are a farmer if you're alive stark Fahnestock former if you are a farmer of other grown crops I'd love to hear the former angle if you have family members that are farmers if you're in the processing business I love to hear from anyone that could add to this conversation and educate the audience and bring your story to the table here love to hear from farmers eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine so Tyson employs about a hundred thousand workers and they closed their pork plants in Waterloo Iowa and Logansport Indiana I was last week so the workers could be tested for the corona virus the Waterloo Iowa closure that came after weeks of public pressure production at all already decreased because still many of the twenty eight hundred workers had been calling out sick and local health authorities they link the Tyson plant to one hundred eighty two confirmed cases nearly half the total for the entire county where that plant is located now some of the largest U. S. processing plants have been forced to shut down after thousands of employees across the country have tested positive pork processing the pig plants they've been hit especially hard three of the largest have gone offline indefinitely we have the Smithfield foods plant in Sioux city or yeah in the in the Sioux city in South Dakota and they had one of the biggest pockets of outbreak at that plant in the entire state of South Dakota so Smithfield we have JBS port processing there in Worthington Minnesota we just mentioned and talked about the Tyson plant in Waterloo Iowa and as I mentioned earlier when you add up just those three plans those three large production plants that makes up about fifteen percent of the total pork processing in this country the big number maybe that's why some people were stocking up on me and people were having trouble finding check and certain cuts for instance and do you think about Tyson's full page ad running in the New York Times The Washington Post the Arkansas paper I think that was a wise thing to do are they creating a false panic or they creating a panic should Tyson of Dunlap you know that's.

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