Aquino, Brooklyn, Daniel Strauss discussed on MMA Junkie Radio - Episode 2,486: Demetrious Johnson, Matt Erickson


Uh weird because any feel anything in in aquino when i go back at a general through the search training like my hand you start earn excuse me i'm just extremely painful and what the fuck and then i gotta x ray at mori in their lights yet it you have in brooklyn and if up doughty healed thought hop outlawed if they should a thumb in both lose sadat laws repealed an actual factors self i got themselves uh last week journey international fight week and now a ocoee to be mocking islam philosophic operatives for many people would sit here and he'll he'll he'll eric dipper full training camp i got their break that record uh you know if you said the oh cool so it sounds like maybe the the two thousand seventeen we can't see back in the octagon yeah absolutely operate in our at that that proposal 42 good news like daniel strauss from belt or he took like a year to cover man injuries i know that on deaf different degrees of of the hand injury so you you're a uh obviously not on the most extreme side that's good news one last thing here is malki negotiating a new contract or just the the the bout agreement towards your next title shut nakajima he got that aliban operated by know on lomu bully abernathy onboard making part of the you know the mighty team uh we can do to gear you know at the pattern will the advise knee he climate monte pal i mean i've been known penalty for other on eu kakuma hopping good after m a mukalla at a by john jared employees amine great i mean the judges got in trouble i don't know he lied on guaranteeing that a guy oh i don't know yet but mike he's like a great guy he flew mccain vardi that with the icc he wanted to look at it however with the dinovite for the epa determined throw at the back door.

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