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See Bob Dylan the beacon theater that should be a fun that's got a great chance to be great all right Mr Robert Astorino our pal our body doesn't defend everything the president does I rob good morning good morning so what what you make of this guy Taylor's testimony where he left starkly laid out quid pro quo by the president first of all I didn't see the testimony I wasn't able to watch it on television and nobody else was so we don't know exactly what was said or what context then that's that's the big problem with this whole inquiry is nobody knows you know I I'm not gonna sit there trust Adam Schiff to to give me my information so I I the Democrats had no issue with what he said and started really strengthen their case everything should be released all the testimony should be released all these hearing should be public I mean these are to whistle blower so what's the problem and I think that would maybe help their case in some respect but I think a lot of people still kinda yawning honestly I think most people just yawning at this whole thing if you saw the other polls that came out I the Republican support is strong hasn't really moved at all but the big one where the seven key states Arizona Michigan Ohio they did you know seven key battleground states and by a much larger margin over ten points people do not want impeachment so and that even goes further that they don't want to remove that's a problem for Nancy Pelosi that's a problem for these house members in the states let alone the districts that trump one that they were able to turn last time now to go face the voters again and we're getting closer and closer to the actual that we worry voting early February think it's a third in Iowa for the first official yell primary season beginning so I I haven't learned much other than what I re read in the transcripts from the Ukrainian president and Donald Trump and that's really the whole story you know the I don't know how there's a quid pro quo when the other side did know about it rob my feeling though is that Democrats have gone too far not to impeach him I think actually with all of this hunting for something to get him on they have in fact cheap in the whole process of impeachment we know he's not going to be removed so just impeach him get it out of our system and let the American people decide if it was appropriate for the Democrats to impeach him and they can do that at the ballot box well I completely agree that this should be done by the people I mean we're we're now entering we're all we have an official candidate the president is already a declared official candidate and has been you've got what was twenty four now whatever it is left at least a dozen Democrats left that are vying for the nomination and it's not a second term situation it is a it's not even a situation where he became president like Andrew Johnson and was elected so you've got a president now running for reelection on his record it is totally up to the people decide unfortunately I think the train has left the station I think they've got no other choice now but to impeach him at some point and I and I do think that that is the that is the worst case scenario that's the scenario that we should use in our system of government to say what you did was so bad the only thing we can do is remove you from office and I don't think anyone thinks it's at that level other than the hyper partisan Democrats and people who don't personally like the present like some independent but we really drill down not most people don't want him removed them they'd rather do it themselves at the ballot box rob do you agree with these you agreed with me though that this Democrat you know constant hunt since he was elected to find something to get him on his cheap in the whole process of impeachment totally totally you know it and you have to define it right they haven't even really been able to be to define it this weekend I was out with the kids at you know at their school events and everything and I'm trying to just talk in normal people and say like Hey what do you think you know what's going on with this whole thing and you know what the response to get the most of you know what's this all about they don't know what this is about at this point then the Democrats have completely failed and there really is no interest in removing it and I you know I was talking to people who hate him who were never going to vote for him and they still like you know what's this about so if you can't clearly defined at this point then it it's in its at just what it is it's just a hyper partisan reaction to someone that they despise and that's not the way our system should be I mean that's the way they do it in third world countries to button generally speaking they put a ball in some they're not there yet our rob Astorino seen in concert yeah that must be a lot of fun when you go to CNN they're all impeachment all the time over there but yeah let's flip the switch swim flipper for a second stories coming out because during the times picked up elsewhere that many Democrats are saying is this the best we got you know of all these candidates you know can't we do better than this we sensing a little bit of a panic on and on the Democrat side as to their cat it's gonna be well they know Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders and even many of the rust the rest of them versus Donald Trump is a wipe out and again you know I've talked a lot of people who are Democrats who throw up at the thought of a Donald Trump second term and yet they they are so frightened of the fact that Elizabeth Warren might be their president because many they're not know their president I'll never vote for her and so they you know I've asked them a what would you do if it's Elizabeth Warren verses Donald Trump your Democrat you despise from what would you do and you know I'm surprised at how many people said that I I either won't vote or god forbid I might have to vote for trump they just cannot fathom what Elizabeth Warren would do to this country and I think that's what the realization is of a lot of quote normal Democrats moderate Democrats like you and like Nancy yet no and I think that's true but I don't think Hillary Clinton is going to get in and out she so damaged she I think she's gun shy to get in a lose again I think she physically can't the rigors of that kind of campaign and in many ways you know she's just not going to excite anyone in all the garbage is going to come back out again I mean I think she she show she's a she's a little walk up stairs to with the whole Russian thing the other day yeah number well what do you think about someone like Mike Bloomberg getting in the race especially if Biden drops out same thing he replaces Biden in in the sense that he is a moderate well it look Michael Bloomberg is pretty liberal on a lot of social issues on on the fiscal issues he's more moderate and sensible definitely any brand new York's city overwhelmingly I think people would say pretty well so but he's gonna have the same problem Biden has you on you know those twenty five thousand or twenty thousand that showed up at the AOC Bernie rally you think they're excited up out of Michael Bloomberg a let's see a mid seventy year old white billionaire Hey I'm rob question for you if trump is reelected and he will be in page but I think I'll be reelected do the Democrats then try to find something else to call after a bond in the four years that I don't think it ever ends it is never any for them and they they just cannot give it up that they have to find something to tar this guy with the right well but it's it's a perpetual fund raising machine outrage machine recruiting machine and and that's where they're going in that side of the party the left side of their party which is you know that mainly last but the far left that's what's driving the train right now and that to chewing going to end so it's just gonna be non stop you know and the lynching thing I know you guys been talking about it and I was talking to look he yes he's probably should have said political lynching but again this whole outrage me first of all are we really surprising anything he writes anymore but more than that the hypocrisy on the left is just stunning Joe Biden used it against you know during the Clinton impeachment Jerry Nadler use yeah yep not long ago you hear it all the time here Republicans being accused of being **** and Hitler and all this other nonsense so it doesn't matter when a liberal says it I mean look at Canada by the way Obama went and endorsed Justin Trudeau who was in blackface and god knows how many pictures with boiled is own corruption scandal and it didn't matter a rob we gonna run you run up against the clock but always love having you know it thanks for talking actually all right all right guys bye bye thanks rob coming up Hey keep it.

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