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Could do the cruise to. I don't know if i could do a whole episode on the cruise to okay. I was leaving that up for you. So maybe that's a long time to do a bit. You saw the s episode. I can't i can't do a bit on. We'll probably do another round song. Bird the shitty michael bay corentin movie is another option. That is a steaming pilots shit. It's very bad that is That that that we're gonna talk about that in a minute. Yeah we are. We sure are. Yeah okay least favorite two thousand and twenty movies not our rankings. We've not seen everything kim jack and i are. You're either right with me or right up against it and close to me. I am at one movie left for twenty twenty and it's just news of the world. I can't get a screener. Feeders may go see this weekend. I may not We've seen every minority promising young woman Saw piece of a woman finally one night in miami screener for that a minority was fucking fantastic varying in. Oh my god pressing. Woman was incredibly awesome. Like fucking wild really well done and same story. Revenge thriller Ivory absolutely checkup woman. When you can't we will talk about it. This is least favourite. That worst movies. Probably maybe fifty off the most We'll start with ken. jack myself on the audience. Can jack number five least favorite movie of two thousand twenty if is an easy one at songbird Songbird absolutely terrible. Terrible terrible decision by the michael bay production company or whatever it is that he he's in charge of it was just awful is that i understand wanting to make a movie that kind of like centers around pandemic because you know it's obviously the entire world that we're living in but like if if you can't make it in a way where it doesn't feel like you're just praying on everyone's anxieties and fears about it. Then don't make it and that's exactly what this movie did it's boring. it's fucking uses. Cagey up the cagey up. And then the next most famous person like bradley whitford neck. That's it yeah well anymore. I think isn't it was awful. It's fucking bullshit. It's my five. It sucks it sucks ass. It's it's predatory in terms of exploiting people's anxieties. It's also just getting something out there to say he did it. I don't i don't expect people to have a whole lot of appetite. For for pandemic related entertainment post pandemic even during the pandemic. I mean maybe at some point they will. It just seems like we've we've collectively live through it too much and then this is just kind of just like okay like i don't need to watch it and even if it was good it would still be like. I don't know if i want to watch it. But it's not good sucks in the cage a Thing is just pure michael bay like. Who's fucking heart. Who's hot right now. You looked at meg. Imdb tot under like twenty who the chicks lake who the chicks lake k j to get him to get him. Songbird this thing sucked. I gave it a six one hundred not on my list. It is not on there but it it did suck ass. Kendrick gave it a five out of one. Hundred sure did. K j crop inch get more. And more. Like more. Like demi less i i never friendly shivered my number michael..

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