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Much which is a song that reminds me of that song in a way same kinda you know same kind of time and everything great song buddies Norman green ball this is the only song I know by Norman Greenbaum just like bang a gong by T. rex the rats is a great band Chaka Khan loses a job great what is Norman green sorry I was playing at the same time when you well you're playing the same song the same so we always do that I always do that I don't know that Norman green ball was going to make it in the whole thing listen I know but here's one here's one that didn't make it this is Pat Benatar doesn't Pat Benatar deserve to be in a rock and roll hall of fame and in terms of female singers yeah I was and Whitney Houston much more than Whitney Houston that's it have a rock was rocking hell is for children she was she's rocking she's not doing life not enough to get inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame Kelly Clarkson on well.

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