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False i hope you're not going to be angry of me on i have to take up for the obamas apparently harvey weinstein still owes me obama money for her internship that before all before the news broke about that slimy creighton harvey weinstein me trump the oldest daughter me trump correction malaysia obama the oldest daughter of the obamas malia obama entering that the weinstein company was kind of a big deal and apparently malaysia obama is listed in the bankruptcy filings as one of the individuals that the walking stein companies still owes money to with the weinstein company with the deals you know there were some deals for an acquisition of the weinstein company's assets and those fell through so the weinstein company has filed for bankruptcy and on on those that our own money by harvey weinstein's old company or current company but you know it's in shambles me obama's on the list because she interning and got paid now listen i also understand that there were rumors swirling around about harvey weinstein for years you know a lot of the metoo movement or those that have expressed outrage are hypocrites because it was known for quite some time and a lot of folks kept things quiet i don't know if the obamas new if they did know that would just be a horror that would be an absolute nightmare if the obamas had heard rumors or they were tipped off about weinstein and they still allowed me to intern at the weinstein company of course big democratic daughter etcetera blah blah blah blah blah but i would i would hope that they didn't know jack but it turns out that weinstein still owes me jack final half hour here on schnitt lot of ground to cover eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine the nationwide number eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine.

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