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Said. Hey, said the word fiance. Everyone. Unbelievable. God, I just can't bring my Hey, That's what you should have, like a bell. Every time he says it land, You know, I didn't mean anything. Yeah, OK, No, I showed she'd never seen young Frankenstein before. So we watch them will be enjoyed. You're absolutely right. I have a couple of glasses of wine and watch that movie. It is still traffic. The other movie we watched Natalie is really ticked off at us. She's just not. She's not been smashed. He's not bothering today. She'll show up later. Hello, Natalie, are you okay? Natalie? How How was your morning going? Natalie, Let's go. Greece want to call her Frau Blucher? See if you got any reaction. Well, it Z, the other movie we watched the other night and this was a great one. You guys remember a movie from 1974 called the taking of Pelham 1230? Yeah. Damn movie. Sure. Yeah. Great with Walter mastered, right? Yeah, right. They take the train hostage. Robert Shaw. Who was the guy with the You know you're gonna need a bigger boat. He's the guy in Jaws. The shark hunter. He's in charge of all these guys who take the train hostage. And Walter Matthau all plays the detective and Martin Bolson is the former train conductor who is part of the group that takes it hostage. And he's the only one who survives at the end of it with his ransom money, But remember, he had a cold, so he keeps sneezing. He's always sneezing throughout the movie, and Walter Matthau hears him sneezing. And then Walter Matthau was like trying to figure out who's What train conductor Disgruntled train conductor might be out there and he goes to interview at the very end of the movie. He goes to interview Martin Balsam, and the guy's like I have nothing to do with it now that and then I said Bull tomatoes says, Okay, see an end. And Martin. Both of these things is a choo figure that opens the door, he says. Go zoom date. Fay, who played the guy who played who was the guy playing doctor, Frank Asi that was turning down the Ovaltine in the warm milk in Well, Gene Gene Wilder, too wild. Oh, my God. Natalie. Just checking. I don't never Natalie. You don't know Gene Wilder is Dr Frank and a Clay always says Dr Frankensteins, Because the joke is isn't a Frankenstein says No Frankenstein. Have you ever seen Young Franken's You gonna Frankensteins Lin? No, Probably not. What did you call the person? What did you call the person? You watch the movie with Natalie. Let Natalie got to travel here. That's that was not even with us. Not talking. You. Don't worry about what? Who's the person you saw the movie with the other night. You're who Who You know you want your movie with Yahoo George one. Well, that's an interesting question. Oh, Christina. Absolutely. My girls. How do you refer to her now? My fiance. Is that what you wanted, Joe? Yeah. You want the horses? My father that Oh, my God. No. You know my Frau Blucher so anyway, Cloris Leachman, terrific actress and, you know, I know Mel Brooks. I have spoken to melon awhile, but I had a great interview with Mel about two years ago for my book, Singular sensation trying drop The smell? Of course. Did the producers Oh, by the way, I want to want to point out something. And this slipped by me Just the other day, you know, 25 years ago, and I would bring Natalie and hear if she cared toe joined the show. He has no pictures. Not that I know. Do you have? Do you have the clip their land then I sent? No, I don't. No. So 25. You know what I do Have you know I do have I have I have this? I have this sound affected. You tell me what this is. Do you know who they're? You're right. That's the snowy owl. Do you know the snowy owl has not been seen in Central Park since 18 90. It was seen this week. Is that unbelievable? Wow, you were there when they first showed up. When? Yeah, I didn't say who I said.

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