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I'm Jeff ash Philadelphia. Police are working the fine thieves who they say terrorized a family during a home invasion in. This city is Ron Hurst neighborhood. Ws? Just a new report police say the invasion happened Monday night around eleven when multiple men burst into a home on Ron St. by pushing an air conditioner lodged in a window. They romanced off the gloves. Couldn't even tell the race of them because they had ski mask on. They knew what they were doing Lieutenant Dennis Rosenbaum with northeast detective says the thieves who had a gun beat a husband and wife, while demanding they give them their money. He says after coming away empty-handed they turned their attention to a cousin who was sleeping upstairs in the home. Dave preceded the beat her with a lane. They tied her up with some electrical tape Rosenbaum says the men were able to get a few hundred bucks in a cell phone from the cousin. He says he does not think altercation was a coincidence. We think they were targeted. We don't know why they're not business owners. They don't know why they were targeted. They don't have any large sums of money. They feel that it was mistaken. They were targeted police say they have very little to go on. And they are asking for the public's help in this investigation. Justin, Trudeau KYW NewsRadio. A New York City cop was shot and killed Tuesday night while responding to a reported, armed, rob. Bary in queens. Police say the officer was gunned down by friendly fire. Brian Simonson was forty two years old and an eighteen year veteran of the NYPD police Commissioner James O'Neill said he was shot and killed by friendly fire meaning the shots were from another officer's gun. Make no mistake about it. Friendly fire side is because of the actions of the suspect that detective Simonson is dead. The suspect a twenty seven year old resident and career criminal was shot. Multiple times at suspect is in stable condition. The sergeant who was with detective Simonsen was shot in the leg. He also is in stable condition detective Simonson, and the sergeant had responded along with other officers to tuned nine one one calls about a robbery at a cellphone store when the police arrived the Commissioner said the suspect pointed is the officers and the cops opened fire Carol d'auria for KYW NewsRadio an underground transformer explosion in center city, Tuesday morning closed some tense moments. No one was injured. But some. Mm businesses sustained extensive damage. KYW's? John mcdevitt has that story. Fire department says crews responded to twentieth rent said near chestnut street, just before eight AM a.

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