President Tetris, Prime Minister, UK discussed on Live on Sunday Nights its Bill Cunningham


Del Walters fox news president trump retiring for the night following a full day in the south of France the president starts out early he's got an eight fifteen breakfast meeting with the new UK prime minister Boris Johnson Johnson's got his own problems he's got to figure out of brexit deal by the end of October that's the deadline the E. U. cut council president Tetris saying earlier today that he would not support a no deal brexit so perhaps president trump has got some ideas for Johnson how we can get out there the president has supported this idea of a new deal brexit doing a new free trade deal between the United States and the UK socks is John Roberts traveling with the president in France one problem when he wakes up more missiles fired last week by North Korea US officials tell fox news North Korea fired up those two short range ballistic missiles early Saturday morning and it's believe North Korea has fired at least seven of these types of missiles since July now these leads to missiles flew about two hundred and thirty five miles before ending up in the sea Japan's defense minister says these types of tests cannot be tolerated he calls it a grave problem for the international community talks is mark Merritt as president trump saying north Korea's testing of those short range missiles violate no international agreements six heard when lightning struck at the PGA tour championship in Atlanta I was probably about fifty yards away from the lightning strike when it happened I didn't the flash but I heard an incredibly loud boom I was standing kind of in a grandstand area that was covered with weather going in heard a loud boom we looked over we saw that you know it looks like it it hit a tree there are people pointing over right away and from my vantage point again we and we weren't close enough to count how many people that you could see there were people on the ground immediately tournament officials were running over safety personnel police officers and within I would say the minutes from that point other ambulances there are fire trucks making their way in as well Justin felt her fox five Atlanta this is fox news you.

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