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Hellier was a symptom, and that's sort of what we found out in the first season. Were you able to trace his IP address? He wants to we we were not. So there was a whole there's a whole need actually in the fourth episode where people will see us trying to find David and trying to find Terry. A lot of the Terry stuff didn't make it in. But the their IP addresses were very different and very very different parts of the country. And that's about as far as we got with those in the investigation. What did you to expect to find? I think I mean, I think we were hoping that we would find David and kind of be able to kind of put closure to what we already knew about the case. And every time we would again get a little bit of closure. There would be five or six more questions that would pop up at the same time. So it was sort of this real time investigation where we were really just running in the directions that felt the most compelling, and that were really yielding the most information were there any times that you thought you were going to come across some body or something like that. I think there were times that we thought that people might come across our. Yeah. Thank god. That didn't happen. Yes. Me too. There's still time. We'll see we are. We are shooting the second season right now. Well, this one's got. It's kind of like a cliffhanger, isn't it? Yeah. So without without spoiling. Too much. There's a pretty massive cliffhanger at the end of of the first season. And one of the things that we've been telling people is Hellier the first season of Hellier really is a prologue.

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