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That made so much news over the past week as it floated across the U.S. and who was behind it. President Biden is trying to keep his State of the Union energy going while he's on the road. He told a crowd in Tampa today if it's a lawmaker's dream to cut Medicare funding, he the president is that lawmakers nightmare. Former vice president Mike Pence has been subpoenaed by the special counsel investigating Donald Trump and his role in January 6th. We'll have the very latest on that breaking news and more in just minutes. 7 18. Traffic and weather on the H and when it breaks, we're going to bob himmler in the traffic center. In the district in southeast Pennsylvania avenue eastbound after two 95 did have the car fire on the right side believe they've got it knocked down already though, but just a brief slowdown coming off of two 95 east headed toward Minnesota avenue, Alabama avenue, closed both ways at naylor road with the crash and the investigation going on and beltway on the outer loop slows coming off of route 50 west, which is slow getting onto the outer loop. It's police activity, eastbound, four 50, just outside the beltway, should be getting by to the left. And 95 at both directions named the river the crash remains slowing traffic in both directions. Leave it down to the roadway, but I think it's really just still attracting attention and causing traffic to slow down there. We're in pretty good shape on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, and at four corners on northbound route 29. After university boulevard, the crash remains along the right side of the roadway and traffic doing okay for the most part on two tens still with the crash flow between fort Washington road and swan creek and a bit of a slowdown in each direction as a result of that. Beltway, that's just about cleared out in most areas now. Inter loop through Bethesda Silver Spring college park green belt, not a whole lot happening there. And in Virginia, 95 south still heavy getting through woodbridge over the aka Kwan beyond that. The pace is good and no delays to report either way on 66. Bob and we help traffic storm team fours Amelia Draper. After a warm day across the region dulles had a high temperature record high temperature of 69° were mild again

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