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The church shooting in sutherland springs texas say the killer went from i'll to i'll looking for victims and he shot crying babies at point blank range road and so lease says he was sitting near the church entrance sunday in heard what sounded like firecrackers and realize some wounded shooting at the building she says people drop to the floor than the shooter walked in as soon as i saw him common side i sarah word not than any more because i knew if i said something he was going to kill me so lease was hit in the shoulder she says she and another person survive by huddling close to the ground and playing dead republican senator john mccain says lawmakers are partly to blame for the shooter in texas being able to buy weapons the man was convicted of assault in an air force court martial in 2012 and given a bad conduct discharge but he was able to pass a background check because the air force didn't submit his criminal history to the the fbi mccain says air force officials should be held accountable but the problem arose with the congress and sequestration which cut readiness training equipment an ability to defend the nation effort defense secretary james mattis as he was directed he has directed the pentagon's watchdog to examine the circumstances of the air force's failure to report the shooter's conviction to the fbi mattis says they have to find out what's going on president trump has told south korean dignitaries the us has an unwavering friend and a loyal ally trump is scheduled to give a speech to the south korean national assembly later tonight he is expected to talk about the north korean nuclear program i really believe that it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal that's good for the people of north korea and the people of the world trump told reporters today he seen some progress on the north korean issue he's in the middle of a fivecountry tour through asia this week his next stops are china vietnam and the philippines syria has told diplomats at the annual united nations climate negotiations that it will sign the paris climate agreement that makes the us the only country to opt out nearly 200 countries pledged in the french capital in 2015 too pursue national policies to address climate change at.

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