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Oh boy. I'm the God of hell. Hell. Elbow from Romans here hopefully. Oh, my God, happy to kill a day. So you're here on tequila day ruse. Lose its fate. Okay. Can I just say. I have been in love with you since beauty and the beast. I'm so in love with Vincent as a lot of women are, but I. I could see past the hell voice in the fucking sons of anarchy and all the boy violence shed because Vincent, pardon me if you get the music, I just I touched my box because you were here. Always. He will always be Vinson. My goal is get more people to touch their back. If I do that as made a different studies can have our finger on our box, pushing all the buttons today. Roman is perfect. Well, in every way, just first of all, but then for happy her because. Where's the headline? Ron? Perlman Trump is a cardboard cutout piece of shit. Fuck and here's what I love about that because fuck not really word and you're saying another word right before we started, which is he has defied all consequential cut. That's not a word. Nobody either. He's not a human. So now I mean he he unit hardly barely play human. So you would know he's, he's defied all categorization like and I include the dregs of humanity. Yeah, he, he basically is something that's never been identified. I don't think along Mosleh like Vincent has come back with his Twitter feed and by. Oh, yeah, right there. Vincent right. Looking for, you just get the property, the whole God. Trump shit. Fuck again, get getting a Twitter fight with Don Jr.. Those you that alert that Don Jr.. Could come from your Expos, you. So we're only going to circle jerk now because you and Malcolm Nance or best friends. And that's how I knock them. Nance came to a resistance inter-party. He's like, oh, can I bring a friend date? Not knock. Bring a tape. Oh, it's Vincent slash. Hell boy. What's your sign? And I told him, I said, oh, you can be my date. We're compatible. A lot of people don't know that about me and Malcolm. Compatib- straightest most macho man in the universe. Okay. Anyway, along with us at a at a resistance inter-party. But you I, first of all it was fun, but no, they're going to be that much fun. Lot of laughs. A lot of funny people there when you left Twitter, I was leaving. No. It was a temporary thing. You know? You know what happened, right? I mean my my, my leaving. Twitter was re rather sincere. Yeah, but what I hadn't realized I left it like on a on a Saturday. And, and I thought, I, you know, I went out and kind of ablaze Laurie. My last line being Joni Mitchell quote, while meal in the bar and I was I was I was ready to stay on and then and then he did. That's some other shit. On Monday. I had booked the Larry King thing politics, and all he wanted to do is talk about my leaving Twitter and and all of, and I said, okay, bye. Hello, live, you. Why do you have to have held boy bellboy NFL calling in for help. Although I line one distance make a quick. He's calling from Tennessee. He wants to talk to, heck boy. By the way that you know the, that that's what they called it in parts of Tennessee boys. What. No, I don't. I don't write this just watched clips of how it was very disturbing, but. You worked out for that. Can I say you worked. Listen Sean. There's gonna be some shit going on today because you can buy Vincent. Withheld boy apps and Ron Perlman's current Twitter feed Agila. Let's never right there right there right there. Oh. Oh. All right. No is reading about the Larry King thing because he just. What who'd all we had great gains homeless. We gangs like, when did you may why? He's in love Larry so much, right? He's straight to the point. He's blunt, very has aids like he's. He's fucking he was. He was as good as he ever was..

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