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Create a dot com going to start your careers, and I guess just all my social media stuff to see where I'm going to be rustling or producing or coaching or you You know. know? I just all things wrestling, man. That's awesome. Create create a pro wrestle pro at buck never stops. Thanks as always man's been great. Thanks him. Bridget here is Sam Roberts. Thanks to Pat. But that was a lot of fun. You know, we talked about social media and wrestle pro using social media. I think one of the best examples of social media that I saw I mean all week and in some time and something that's getting overlooked a little bit. I think is Alexander wolf so Alexander wolf goes on Twitter. And I guess this is a spoiler because I don't think it's aired yet. But it was all over the internet. So. I guess, you know, if I tell you what it's a spoiler for the spoiler will have happened. So spoiler is on the way Alexander wolf goes on Twitter last week and is saying goodbye to sanity and he's doing that. Because Eric Young's been drafted to raw. And he makes it seem like he's leaving. You know, it doesn't really speak for what Killian Dane is doing doesn't really speak for NICKY cross at all. He just makes it apparent that. He's leaving. And you're almost going like, oh my gosh. Is this him asking for his release the same time that Luke Harper was asking for his release. You know, all this stuff is going on. And so you're going abo- in the world is talking about Alexander wolf, and how much they don't want him to leave and all this stuff. Well, come to find out at the annex t u k TV tapings Alexander wolf shows up, and he goes on Twitter to announce he never said where he was going. He's not leaving WWE, but he's certainly leaving smackdown for greener pastures of annex t u k and. I just thought that that was such a great swerve and such a great use of social media. I don't know if somebody put him up to it. I don't know if he thought of it himself. But I just thought it was so well done so kudos to Alexander wolf. I thought it was so cool. Speaking of social media, leave it to your boy the last professional broadcasters Sam Roberts to cause a stir. You know, I I was in Montreal last week superstar shakeup night. That's where we taped main of that. And I did commentary WWE commentary for the very first time in my life. You know, I had a couple of matches to shine. And I tried my best. It was Dana Brooke versus to Meena, and it was heavy machinery versus the B team. The episode is available on Hulu. I didn't. I had no idea how much controversy that. I would cause. Look, I've said this before about all the kickoff shows that I've done and the feedback that people have had on those. And when I say feedback..

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