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Says one movie executive. Well, I'm saying that. They're going to have to start. Scheduling. These big. What they call tentpole movies out farther farther because they're gonNA need space in between them and but I think they're going to be able to do that because like this is article in like I've been saying for months now, these smaller to mid size films and I'll put a dollar value on sixty million dollars in less are going to go to video on demand and streaming. Especially, if they don't need that big venue, they don't need to be you know. A big screen and huge speakers to be appreciated. My prime example is a quiet place to. And Right. Before I started recording this segment, the BAFTA award winners were announced release. I got them in my email box. So I'm going to go over. Some of this information since net flicks and Hulu and other streaming services are not bringing as more British content than ever before I thought I would cover some of these awards in the interest of time. However, I selected the programs that are more familiar to American audiences. And, I know I have many international listeners. So I want to emphasize doing this in the interest of time. And over half my audience. American. So I want to mention things that everyone could relate doing shows that most people have seen or at least hurt out. Hbo And Sky Atlantic's Chernobyl and channel. Four's staff. Let's flats and I. Know Some of you Americans have not heard of that and channel four and Netflix's ended the F. Ing World emerge with two BAFTA as peace at this year's. Chernobyl one for miniseries and leading actor for Jared Harris. Adding to prizes to its existing hall of Seven Awards at the BAFTA TV craft awards earlier this month meanwhile Baptist leading actress award was won by Glenda Jackson. For her performance in the BBC's Elizabeth Missing, her first television role for more than twenty five years in the second BAFTA of her career. Her first BAFTA was four Sunday bloody? Sunday. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, two. Meanwhile. Cana four and Netflix's and the F. Ing. World. Also received prizes for drama series and best supporting actress for first time nominee I owe me Aki. Now, she was in the second season which I've yet to see the first season was fantastic and I will be watching the second season will sharp another first time winner won for his performance in BBC and Netflix's Gre- Haji in the supporting actor category. While Mo- Gilligan won his first BAFTA for entertainment performance for the latest show with.

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