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Plus, this is Nancy hardy state police look for three people who crashed a stolen car into two other vehicles on the Dan Ryan expressway, and some Illinois schools are using technology to alert police when school shootings happen. W B M sports cubs beat the reds one nothing to increase their divisional lead over the brewers to two and a half games. The two teams meet again today. The White Sox beat the Orioles to nothing college football northwestern Illinois, both lose bears taken on the Seahawks tomorrow night in their home opener. It's eight o'clock. CBS news on the hour. Presented by indeed dot com. I'm Alison keys, just because Florence is. Now, a tropical depression does not mean she won't be wreaking havoc on the Carolinas with heavy rain and flash flooding. There are concerns about possible landslides and tornadoes CBS. Jim Krasula is in Fayetteville North Carolina. There were dozens more evacuations in swift swiftwater rescues and central and eastern North Carolina overnight as now tropical depression, Florence continues to dump historic amounts of rain. There's rapidly rising floodwaters in many places Hubbard's a roads are closed by high water, including parts of busy, I forty and I ninety five I ninety five is also closed in South Carolina, north of Florence. President Trump is apparently going through with plans to announce new tariffs on about two hundred billion of Chinese imports. The Wall Street Journal report says the tariff level will be set at about ten percents political strategist, Greg Valliere an election coming up in the US. This does not help the president in the farm belt, which will probably get hit by Chinese retaliation. And it does run the risk of raising prices on a lot of consumer goods for American customers now to China where that super typhoon made landfall this morning and the Philippines yesterday. The storm killed at least fifty four people reporter Barnaby, low dozens are feared dead in the mountain provinces of northern Philippines. This after Thai food monkhood triggered landslides. Police say many of them are gold miners. But president would be good to Turkey said locals who evacuated to a church appear to have been trapped in the less light as well. A man is dead after being attacked by a shark off Cape. Cod in Massachusetts police say twenty-six year old Arthur medicine was in the waters off Newcombe Khao beach and wealthy around noon yesterday. WBZ TV reporter Jim Smith signs warning people about sharks have been posted here at the beach for quite some time. And now a young man has lost.

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