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He works his butt off, he can play. I don't know what else you want. So I I'll die on the hill, man. I would build a team around Gardner Minshew and I think I would win if I did it. Another guy, I feel very similar but I'd want to work with Jalen hurts, I hope it doesn't get screwed over, like, I love to he's from Hawaii off. Love to is very good. Like I really don't. I love to. I have his jersey but I don't know if tool can play like I'm a fan of two. Is he good? I don't know. Jalen hurts can play in a tournament, you can play. And I I hate when quarterbacks there's missed opportunities. Where guys, you know, I made a franchise with Colt Brennan the other day on Madden cuz I was like I feel like he never got. I looked back at film and I may rest in peace. I don't know. The Colt Brennan really was an NFL quarterback. That's going to be a franchise quarter. Kind of like hey what happens if you built around him? I'm like 16 and know, like I'm amazing with call Brandon as my quarterback he's got amazing short accuracy like short we call it short accuracy meeting. Like he's he can throw a five-yard out like nobody's business in Madden. Like it's crazy. It's like higher rated than a lot of franchise quarterbacks. He's got a terrible deep ball. What am I? I throw swings to Percy Harvin all day. I find a slant on the backside. You somebody had a whole shot like dude, I don't know. I love building teams and I hate when quarterbacks I don't get a fair shake. And when that initial lust Iraq, Is off people just discard them forever. It's like dude can still play like Blaine Gabbert with? The Buccaneers does some good stuff when he's called upon. So he said in my Tom Brady I don't know. I just feel like people are so quick to give up on players and then they're done forever. And it's like a death sentence. I hate that. David Wright said he says, what are your thoughts on check? Oh, so far as Red Bulls. Number two, I saw the other day that he has the same amount of points. Is Alex Alman did at this point last year and check. Oh, also has made a couple of mistakes, as well. Filled the problem with red bulls, second drivers, aren't the drivers themselves. Rather maybe the way the team handles them are works with them because the problems never seem to go away, even with the new driver, what are your thoughts next? Yeah, I mean thought Dana Ricardo. It's historically a massive blunder. They couldn't keep Daniel ricciardo happy cuz if Daniel ricciardo right now is a number two driver for Red Bull. I would think they're they're pushing birthday is a lot like I think Sergio Perez has been solid. He's made he made that mistake where it was yellow flags and he passed. Somebody that's like a huge be doing, but a lot of it too, is Red Bull. The team has made mistakes, he can't control that in race. Number one kid, power unit failure on the formation lap. Like that's not his fault. He's been decent and I'm still hopeful that Sergio Perez as time goes on in this F1, season can keep.

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