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Take your musical dependency. That's a great song. Of course for a dog. I mean, there's there bubblegum pop songs that you like from the eighties that you know, I could sure I could put on. But you know, that's a great song. Hello. Who are you? Joe? Hey, Joe, what do you know? I know I know the eighties nineties, but seventies is the best decade of music. We're not we're not talking about the about the seventy serve paved the way for the eighties is a great decade, but strictly eighties for the for the ninety two the nineties. You gotta go eighties. Right. Yeah. Well, there's more even with the navy's. I mean, he is he would you set off young? Thanks, Steve winwood is a God. I saw him at that. Steely Dan concert a couple of years ago when he opened up steely Dan at the amphitheater, right? It's pretty it's pretty amazing housing. How how how old are the gentleman are you? I'm twenty six. Steve Steve winwood knows no boundaries. I mean, you could get yourself some decent looking older tail at those concerts to you know, you get some some broad in their forties and fifties looking for a looking for younger, dude like yourself. Yes. Yes. They are. I liked this guy. All right. We'll keep getting that done. Blue MARTINI isn't around anymore. Are we going to see what's up Steve winwood up? We gotta get him in here. Sometimes a lot seventy seven five seven nine zero to five and eight hundred seventy seven. Five he's still touring with. Steely Dan to this day. Ryan what's up? Did you grab grovel live? A it's the eighties. Definitely. But have you heard oriented, Grendades, bacon, and eggs, bacon, and eggs. Okay. Wait. What? Thank you next. The song. Yeah. You're not going to be able to on here. This not that you're going to be listening to this later when she gets to the court says, thank you. She's saying bacon. Eggs. There's. Bacon. Eggs bacon. Eggs. You'll hear it. Now, I have to listen to Arias to shame on you surfer making me listen to Arianna made you listen to this..

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