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Major winner you know that that's special and to do it before the age of thirty that's special and you know it's one of those things where for a long time as as tiger woods until nicholson have you know they're not gone but they certainly drifted into the back nine of their careers for lack of a better to come we wanted stars right we wonder who is going to be the guys you know we need young people young players to pull for fresh faces we've got jordan speeds we've got roy mcelroy jason day dustin johnson is a lotta guys that have that have popped up and kept goes one that even with one major i'm not sure got the respect he deserved partly because he only had one other tour event partly because he's a little bit more he just looked for the spotlight as you alluded to his personality is kind of reserve he doesn't buying just kind of hanging back below the radar playing golf doing his thing so this is big for him and this big for american golf certainly in this this will take both his career and his his sort of level of start up a notch rotor joining us on the show again foam on twitter at jeff underscore ridder golf magazine golf dot com michigan alum ask you something about horrible here in a second just because i have to hear it was said by many people that the us open was ruined ruined because of the course and the difficulty honestly.

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