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Scout Houston what Tony Madlock you'll also take a look at your history will be joined by representatives from United healthcare and Dave will talk with head coach Anfernee penny Hardaway the tiger said very few opportunities laughter grab he wins but today they get one with a first place Houston Cougars off borough let's go to court sided FedEx form with David lotion and Matt Dillon good afternoon Jeff welcome everybody as we watch the Houston Cougars warm up to our left the Tigers to our rights today the biggest opportunity in a long time for the university of Memphis to continue to make a statement to the committee may be still if you were to run the table given that large certainly by winning today you would put a big step forward in the getting up by at the conference tournament in fort worth and that would go a long way that's one less game you have to win in a row in order to win the tournament and that you're facing probably the best team other than Oregon that U. S. taste all year they come in twenty second in the country but listen to this A. N. Palmer of four team they are athletic they are aggressive they are tenacious they are really really good and that I would have to say this is probably the biggest game at home this year it is the absolute day with that question and I think one thing about aggressive this is something you just mentioned and this team is the best rebounding margin even the NCAA right now especially on the office of glass not a tremendously great shooting basketball team but they get second third and fourth chances sometimes possessions and that's how they score points they average fourteen offense of rebounds a game and thirty eight percent of their possessions and with a second chance that's the best rebounding team that we have seen by far this year and Matt they don't force a lot of turnovers but they don't give you shots team shoot thirty eight percent against them on the year twenty nine percent from three point range you don't get second chances from them and you don't ever get open looks early delta that's the ammo of Celtic Sampson everywhere he is P. and they've been a very solid depicts a basketball team you look at his career day six hundred and thirty seven wins he's done something right hello the years that I tell you what you don't get that many wins without being an excellent basketball coaches he pets or something he feels his team out and predominately Aman Aman you don't last thirty one years and Montana attack in Washington state and Oklahoma over took his team to a final four or Indiana and six hundred thirty seven wins if you're not good two thirty win seasons twenty three twenty win seasons he's been national coach of the year by some entity three times in his career we mention the final four with Oklahoma he's the real deal and it's all about intensity in Memphis well they've looked a lot to take they understand we saw a little bit of that Wichita state we saw a little bit of that it's also mentally the Tigers have to be ready for them when you have to pay you got to be physical with his status as a physical and athletic basketball team you gotta put bodies already got to be ready because they're going to come after you and I have court today the other thing is there not a bloody thing they'll get the ball at a ticket and they offer multiple three point shooters that they will go to a transition if you could not get back on defense you will pay the price of oil slash on you because they're very good at getting to the hole as well so Memphis obviously without the J. Jeffries is missing one of their big weapons but today we learned Quentin Grimes who transferred from Kansas a sophomore who is their second leading scorer with about twelve points a game he is out with a hip pointer he will not play in this game so at least that evens things up just a little bit for the Tigers it does it exactly right he was one of their leaders and a guy was a five star player out of a high school he goes to Kansas it's a waiver though the first time about his labor use it so it's I don't yeah this thing is it was a very interesting story because if you look at Quentin Grimes he left Kansas to go try for the NBA but he didn't hire an agent when he found out he wouldn't get drafted he went back to cancers and they said sorry we we we gave all your your scholarship and because there was not a scholarship there I believe that's why Houston was able to get him immediate eligibility it's a very similar story to Isaiah Stokes but I don't know why it didn't work out for Isaiah if you don't know that one then you're a genius really I can't figure it out I don't know what the NC double a does but none the less you right grabs being out is it's certainly a big loss for them but for this pain though his other gas it will step up of their very date eight or nine players one last thing since we're talking eligibility and things of that nature last night for the first time James Weisman spoke to Adrian Wilson now ski in the NBA countdown on ESPN and basically he he's spelled out one of the main reasons why he decided to leave because if you want to pay back eleven thousand five hundred dollars I mean that's absolutely it's crazy that the NCAA was going to force this kid who does not have any money to put up the money in order to get eligible again why strange it really is and it's sad situations to make Davies we think about what happened to James last for this year and that is not only good for him with the fans and program anything else it's certainly been a changer for this season no question about it that is the story court side big his game of the year Jeff right well another starting to come in yeah they're flooded in right now I really went down the bill street early for their start to make their way to end a FedEx store we got a five after tip off at one of five but it could potentially be moved back to one channel get word on that here the next thirty minutes I'm sure depending on how quickly the game is going on before the Memphis Tigers but right now we're still looking at a one oh five tip off from the FedEx forum again tell your fans the Bancorp south were in were involved in your community where inspired by you and were invested in your financial well being when we're in it together members fans we all win Bancorp south member FDIC wait come back that bill and scouts the Houston Cougars of Tony Madlock visuals of a tiger basketball from their field I am he.

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