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So anyway, did you see the everybody's talking about are, you know, they have been since he got injured is the warriors are they better off without K D? And I just think it's ridiculous. Got gotta be kidding me. People think they're better actually without him. Thank you. You gotta be half nuts. I have legitimately seen people online or whatever, like try to make the case that. Who is the MVP of the finals? They, they moved the ball better without all. Yeah. Except when he won the MVP of the finals. Yeah. That didn't count. He I mean is this guy not the most dominant player? I mean Curry's the shooter, right Thompsons, the second best, but Durant is the purest player out there. Right. He can do more than all of them. He doesn't mind in curry. He asked me without a doubt. Right. I mean he's taken it inside outside blockage shots, swatter Donkin shooting. Threes scarring. I may win dozen this guy produce when he's on the floor. I mean honestly is he not their best player? Do you think Curry's better than him on the floor seriously? Are they the same or is Durant? Better dressed, better Durant's obsolete better because his size allows him to do anything. I mean Kerr's great shooter. He pass the ball while it drives while, but when he gets out lane sometimes you can get blocked. It's more than all those guys to rest as bigger bigger than most of the cousin lane. Just like LeBron, the way he'd powers through these guys. Durant six hundred he can do anything he wants, you know, he's not as strong as Brosseau you could bump them a little bit more. But so he'll shoot over top. We'll shoot the three he'll dribble kick, there's nothing that guy can't do. Thirty five and five and shooting. Fifty one percent. Ago. But then they throw these numbers out there when clay Draymond staff are unemployed without Durant their net rating is. Plus six hundred sixty two minutes with all four together teams net rating is plus four point nine in two hundred seventy seven minutes but you're going to tell me because of that stat that they're better off without Kevin Durant on the team is insanity right? It's just like anything with these numbers where you find the right number. You can twist the way that you want. Because you're gonna tell me that you're better defensively with a guy like kevon looney. Or, you know, some of these other are terrip co on the floor instead of K D because he's not lockdown defender, but just. And then comes the help of the ball, he makes her defense much better because his like that allows in the play, you know, these guys you saw him in the finals last year when he was gone, the Braun here, the one fifty point game where he went off and a lot of other times you struggling because you had him in his face the whole time. And it made it harder. So I don't know. I just don't you can come up with any numbers you want. You can find stats, so I'll give you the number that matters the most. How many losses have they had in the finals with him zero the one so there you go? Earned a feud with him in the finals. They lost without him. So, and he certainly disputes it. It's been that way since I got here. He said it's been that way since I got here, it's the warriors, and Katie, I understand that. And I felt like my teammates organization know exactly what I've done here off and on the court to become a part of this culture, stamp my flag in this culture.

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