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News time to forty one in, between a, Twitter attack on basketball superstar LeBron James and native of. Ohio and a Saturday political rally their President Trump tweeted about tariffs and Chinese imports China's He claimed his move to. Put tariffs on imports of goods from China is working far better than anyone ever anticipated he also claimed tremendous positive impact on. The steel, industry and, predicted tariffs. Will make the country much richer than it is today only fools he said would disagree. He also tweeted about Iran and its economy saying it. Is going very. Bad and fast he said he will, meet or, not meet, Iranian, leaders it doesn't matter he said it is up to them Tom Foty CBS news Washington the Portland police bureau says four people. Were arrested during rowdy protests. Between right wing. Activists, in, south described anti fascist Police. Saying they sees multiple weapons throughout the day the rally organized by Joey Gibson leader of right-wing leaning groups. Patriot prayer it drew, hundreds, of supporters and counter protesters a reporter for the Oregonian Oregon live was injured when he was struck by a, projectile during one of the protests March for our, lives activists, gathered outside National Rifle Association headquarters in Fairfax Virginia yesterday. The protests part of the road to change toward to remember and honor the victims of gun violence protesters are calling. On leaders says stand up from all sides of the aisle to ensure long overdue safety regulations and to oppose the sale of. Weapons such, as the, AR fifteen. W USA reporter Michael Quander said he saw no violence at the event Elise made it. A point to separate the two crowds of people who. Were a pro. Guy and people who were fighting for, gun reform, he actually, separated, by barricades so what you did see there was there were two sides of people on both sides of the issue Shouting across trying. To get their points across it at each other from across the way. March organizers are calling on the Internal Revenue Service to revoke the NRA's tax. Exempt status is tough access to downloadable blueprints for three d. printed guns Missouri woman has been arrested on. Suspicion of murder after a car plunged into the, Kansas. River, and the body of her five-year-old daughter was pulled from the water the Lawrence Kansas placed permanent says. Sharon Renita Dingle dean. Of Columbia, Missouri was arrested on a first degree murder charge related to the girl's death, she also faces an attempted murder charge, stemming from critical injuries to her one year. Old son remains hospitalized police say the children were passengers. In the vehicle saying Friday afternoon in the river in downtown Lawrence Kansas the toddler and mother were rescued the forecast in sports next WBZ. News time to forty four..

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