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There traded aerial their kids with money there at the beginning of their careers in boxing. But they're not getting trained by the local guy in their hometown. They're getting trained by high-level boxing coaches because they could pay them. They don't have jobs so there. Fulltime job is to train boxing. They can do all these things because of the money. They've made with youtube and everything they've done so there is no knock on these kids. These kids are doing the right things to prepare themselves. It's on the actual fighters to go out there and remind them that they don't belong because for as long as if you're logan ball you just want with floyd mayweather. Who in the world are you not afraid to fight now. You're not willing to go in there with if they're smaller than you. Because if you get the right size guy you know that. They came in hard enough to hurt you. Who are you not afraid to go in there with as logan ball it generates money so any small guys willing to take the fight. Now could you. He will go there with a condello because because that was gonna take his head off canals the type of guy. That's not going to play with you. That was trying to ruin you. So he'll pick his his battles but eagle as one of the greatest fighters of all time and that's to be commended but these kids are trading areas. These kids have high level trainers trainers. That are preparing them for actual fights. So you go there with those paul kids. You better be ready to fight. Are you gonna get yourself embarrassed with. Floyd mister show. I want floyd mister show for mister show. He came up with the migos. He had his crocodile jacket on. He missed the show so he put himself in a situation where he got to live the show. The people were calling his name. The spotlight back on him. He made a ton of money against someone that poll no threat to him so it was it guys a winner man and he knows exactly what he's doing that regard but you're right as she was more like j. broke his big but like michael jordan narrow. Michael jordan was on a vacation and that was a guy played basketball with him on pickup game and he goes look at youtube and google michael jordan. Born it michael. Jordan rick justice banging shots on the kid because he does not want anyone to feel like they can compete with them and i feel like all of our great champions should have yes in conclusion because we can talk about this for an hour but we have a lot more to discuss in conclusion. I don't feel. And i think you agree that this is bad for boxing or the death of boxy and all this stuff. No one is above this and in fact this isn't the nba. It's not like these kids are taking a roster spot on the knicks or rockets from an actual player. You know there's fifteen spas who worked his way up like this stuff lives in a vacuum. It happened on a sunday night. In fact by do jack. His profile was raised. Ocho cinco was no one's losing out here from taking part in all of this and you choose to watch plenty. of course. stevenson is fighting later. This what do you mean no one is. What are you talking about did you. Did you see ocho cinco. Joe did joe segal say the most ridiculous thing that you ever heard you life gets hit. The face gets now it did. He goes in his way covered. Hey man i'm not a boxer just a fighter though zico. You just thought you'd literally just fought your face. He felt awkward web ever seen in my life streetfighter up just not really a fighter in the ring. What are you talking about. Zico your football player. These guys ever stop playing with these boxes. He knocked on his face by bare. Knuckle guide it was hilarious. Because you gotta learn you have to learn. And now we got vetoed belford. Who's getting involved as well. And so i just wanted to say no one is above this. It's not going away. See 'em punk fought in the ufc. So the next time you hear from you see you know clown on this. Remember that kimball. Slice was on the ultimate fighter. May he rest in peace in on. Cbs no one is above this. No one is ever going to be abyss. These fights sell there will always be a market for it and you just hope when they match them up that the skill lever the skill levels taken accounted for. And no one's getting seriously or or you have a willing participant like floyd mayweather who is willing to carry his opponent the way in which he did on sunday night. Dc let's talk about our friends over at job hand. Be a master people in the nba. You gotta remember best people in the nba. So this stuff happens all the time yes. Although was exhibition it was preseason. Alas we digress. We'll talk about jake. Paul tarn woodley later in the program but let us i say hello to our good friends over at draft kings. Yes draft kings. We love draft kings. And as you know you have to sixty three right around the corner..

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