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Sonny Gray goes for the Reds one and for the record, 3 64 there and run average. They need him to be better than he was in his last start. A week ago tonight, four and two thirds innings, four runs, two homers. That was the start of the debacle of an evening losing 17 to 3 to the Phillies. Adrian Hauser, the opposition tonight his record three and five for the Brewers. They earned run average 3 86 in his last start a week ago, tonight, five innings of one run baseball in a game the Brewers lost to the Tigers of Note. Adrian Hauser has not fared well against his Reds team. In fact of teams he's faced more than once. He has the highest earned run averages of his career against the Reds. He's oh, and three with a 6 84 earned run average in 26 innings pitched, the Reds have hit 10 home runs versus Adrian Hauser. Let's take a look at some other headlines. Then it will really go has mentioned after the day off the Reds. Get back at it. I will take your calls in reaction to the game. After the game on the Kelsey Chevrolet Extra rating show tonight in roster news today, Joey Votto has been activated from the injured list. He's in the starting lineup. We'll get to that in a second Michael Feliz has been placed on the injured list with a right elbow issue. Tonight's the first of six kid Glove games of the season. Local baseball and softball organizations have the opportunity to fund raise this season by selling 12 you level $12 view level tickets. With five bucks going back to the teams to register a team or organization for the Kid Glove fundraising program. Visit reds dot com slash kid Glove. A three time PGA Tour winner and friend of the show and Cincinnati native Jim Herman will serve as the honorary captain of the game tonight. Down on the farm. Aristide's Aquino continues his rehab assignment with the bats. Is batting second tonight. He is playing right field. NFL NEWS The Bengals back on the field today for OTAs at Paul Brown Stadium, you'll hear from tee Higgins in just a bit college Football. Yahoo Sports says quote the next three weeks offer a critical period in charting what the future of the college football playoffs will look like. End. Quote. A 12 team playoff appears to be the leading plan. Under consideration and NK you Baseball news late this afternoon. They've got a new baseball coach. Congratulations. The dizzy Peyton. He becomes the third coach in program history. He assumes the role after 17 years as a north assistant on the bench Under his guidance, 10 North pitchers made the pro ranks including Nate Jones, one time Cincinnati Red, Dizzy Peyton pitch for NK you Back in the 2000 and three season you are caught up on your headlines. Let's get you caught up. On the lineup tonight. Jonathan India leads off at second base, You know, in his last 14 games, he's batting 3 66 getting on base 49% of the time. Jesse Winker bats. Second He's in left think he liked facing Adrian Hauser. He's eight for 13 against him with five home runs, eight for 13 against him. Five. Home runs Nika Castano's bats. Third, he's in right, trying to start a new hitting streak. By the way that giant billboard ad in front of Great American ballpark to the left that had Nick Castano standing over Jake Woodruff and it said, Let's go. It's still Nick Castellanos standing, but it's over the sign that now says Vote For the All Star team. Jake Woodruff has been Removed or covered up in this case, Joey Votto is back Batting cleanup tonight. The 36th game of the of his career. He has hit cleanup lifetime to 58 with a 3 83 on base percentage from the cleanup spot. You know, the Reds have used eight first baseman this year. Reds were 14 and 15. When Votto got hurt, they were 14 and 14 without him a U. N. E s worries bats Fifth, He plays third base. He's hit a couple of home runs against Hauser in 13 at bats. Tucker Barnhart Matt six, He does the kitchen. Kyle Farmers at shortstop. Batting seventh show. Go gets a start Extra day for Tyler Nay Quinn to deal with that hammy he tweaked on Sunday, so show goes in center, batting eighth. And Sonny Gray is on the mound and doing the pitching. Speaking of Joey Votto return to the lineup last night 24 hours ago, right about now I talked with Nick Curran, the voice of the Triple A Louisville bats, and I asked him his impressions. Having seen Joey Votto for six games what he thought and how he looked. I thought he looked pretty darn good. Uh, Watching him go through his is kind of routine early in the day, and you know he's got a pretty deliberate way. He goes about his business in such a hard worker, and I know a lot of folks have talked about that. But that was kind of cool to see. And then you know at the plate. I don't know how much you make of his results over the course of his time there but did have that big game on on Saturday was three quarters of the way to a cycle with a double and a triple and a single An RB in that game. Him and, um, you know, I think you constantly said swinging the bat hasn't really been the issue for him in any kind of got going and watching them play first base for a couple of games. I mean, guys weren't holding you back. There was a bunch that were zipped across from third base and No, he seemed to handle it all well, and I know they were working on some padding to put in the glove. But from what I saw, he looked really good out there looked looked pretty healthy..

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