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I didn't know it was nuggets. I had no idea. Herb this flower. He calls. We bought CBD flower over there it smells exactly like, we'd smokes exactly like a bonfire in does. Absolutely nothing to maybe tired doesn't. But he has CBD over there relaxing bears. He has I'm a big guy from my joints. So I was excited for this the store. That's right. Bias to check out five hundred seventy dollars later. I was like what? I was absurd. Absurd. Absurd. Had to pay for it though. You don't really have an issue with drop in a few under. But the guy said five hundred seventy two dollars. There was a full. There was a full conversation started amongst the group me digs who else was over the tight Connor Connor. And as soon as the guy said that me and Dixon. What I thought he was joking. There's no price tags on anything. So it was like you get up. There was like show and tell us. Hundred and seventy five dollars. What what was their heads up anywhere that I missed? No, no, that's natural flower that we grew in the backyard, not THC only CBD. It's like I understand this is a new business. But maybe have return customers. I won't. I won't never go back there again. They're very nice. I soon their practice. Very good. But there's no way I expected to pay five hundred seventy two dollars. No, my news against my knees. Better be fully replaced by this stuff. Yeah. To guess issues, like fifteen bucks. I don't know if he knows he's competing like you're not the only I think he thought he was the only store in town was like kind of the first trillion like, no, no, there's a head shop that sells some CBD over in broad ripple this gas station repack here that has like glass in front of the window. So, you know, it's a good area that place that sells well, then like towards the years in Pittsburgh when we were leaving vape shops. Start popping up everywhere. And I'm assuming that most cities, but I don't understand how that's a sustainable model when they're selling that shit gas stations. Anyways, asked me front, right. That's just literally affront come in the back to get zone money. So many in Pittsburgh. Yeah. They're all fronts Italians behind the world. It's like cigarettes stores there occasionally, there was a tobacco store for cigars. But that's specialty stuff. I don't know. Maybe you're right about that. Maybe I will whatever we hear your are you just miserable initially read it in a visual tone or no on on on on paper. Can be there's potential there. Throwback music. Yeah. Let's all right. I've been rocking the song. Heavy. This is by the fast life young. Does course. Why you N G S T as z hangers only. You know, what they say?.

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