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Nurses have inadvertently spread the disease in the post the who says it's hoping to persuade the congolese government to allow the use of an experimental vaccine but that the drug is complicated to use and will not serve as a quick fix rebecca kes bay life expectancy for those boom with down syndrome has changed dramatically recent years from about twenty five in the nineteen eighties to around sixty today it's been known though for some time that they do face a higher risk of developing alzheimer's disease and younger age now researchers at cambridge university in the u k a trying to find out more about the link between the two conditions essential book reports in the north wales higher brian and pulling williams show me video brian sister jillian leading the don't sing have birthday party six years ago in front of a crowd of cheering family and friends she is throwing the federal and jillian had down syndrome she died last year aged fifty six she had come to live with brian and his wife pauline after their parents died jillian then was quite independent working every day in a local catering firm but she developed alzheimer's and that all changed she would lay tables and things and that was the first thing i noticed that when she couldn't lay the table anymore and she couldn't pick up a knife and fork wouldn't remember which is which so that's where it started but you knew there was something going on don't just told brian and poland she had dementia but not with that could mean it always helps to know what's in front of you so you prepared i mean when she had a i fit we had no clue we had no clue that this was a possibility and it was a big shock to us jillian died a few months later of pneumonia several of.

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