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What do you care? What else? Do you want? That's I'm looking to answering questions. It is time for answer. The question. I hold on my hands four pointed hard hitting direct questions that I will ask Dominique Foxworth, and he will be forced to answer them equally directly. Here we go. Number one, Dominique it has been the controversial topic here and everywhere since the end of Kansas City in New England, Patrick Mahomes. Never gets the ball. Should the National Football League changed their overtime rule? So that that doesn't happen again after I there's no way to change the overtime rule that ends up in less football. I don't want more football like it's a player safety issue. As far as I'm concerned in the idea that people wanna make it fair kind of foolish to me because there are lots of things about people that aren't fair you get better schedule with your team with terrible. That's not very good higher drastic of your team subject. That's not fair. And the only thing that is fair is a coin toss. What spare then Aucoin? Do you have a point on the end of the game? It's fine. You can't decide it in in the four quarters that your allotted. We flip the coin and figure it out there. I hope Maria Taylor was listening. That after the ruckus that she set off. This change the rules foolishness. Okay. You're one for one next after the controversy of the other game this weekend should everything in the National Football League be reviewable. No, I don't think. So I think they're plays. That are judgment calls and Richard Sherman had an interesting tweet after this saying that are we going to do this often the past you know, how many times we watch the game and his off at the pass interference. If you review it the rep is going to have to look at that and say, no, that's not offense path affairs. There's some things that are judgment calls and we can't overreact to an awful call. Let's just accept that. That was a bad call that never happened. And it's never going to happen again. But if we're not going to overreact to a call that changes the outcome of a championship game. What are we going to react to? It was an outlier have you ever seen a call that agree Disley missed before you can't overturn everything that you have just because you had something that happened. That's ridiculous. In rare the flip side to that. Is you have a problem that feels solvable and you're choosing not to sell them. You don't you? Don't you don't know the by the by product. Event to next question was Sunday through breezes last best chance to win another Super Bowl. I think that's an easy question. I think it was I think we all have seen drew Brees had a fantastic season. But this offense tailed off towards the end of the season. Some of that is the people that he has around him. We also saw the jewelries arm strength is waning. And it's I think it's pretty much gone. I don't think they brought teddy Bridgewater down there. Just for for giggles. They brought him down there because they see the end in sight. I think drew Brees is aware that also this team is not getting any better yet. Another reason why they need to change the rules because here's a hall of Famer who had his last best chance to win another championship taken away from them on a bad call that would have been easily correctable that there were too bad calls. We're showing both of them at this point. It would have been corrected. You can't overreact. Because you don't know what's going to happen. As a result of that. Now, I never getting past that answer final final one is this upcoming Super Bowl fifty three. The last time we will see Brady and Belle. Check in the Super Bowl. Yes, I believe it's the it's the last time because what they have done now is been so ridiculously unprecedent. It is almost a logical to say that they can continue to do it. It was a logical to happen Lasser. And at some point logic has to prevail. And logic tells me forty year old quarterbacks in forget for your quarterbacks. No team can dominate for as long as they dominated..

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