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Okay. So I love that people are really upset about this. It's not just that random guy in the audience. I mean, frankly, I don't understand what Cory Booker is doing out there in the audience shouting at him. It don't help a Democrats are so threatened by the possibility of a centrist democrat running that they're getting up and shouting at Howard Schultz. Now the way to stop people from voting for Howard Schultz. If you're a democrat is to nominate somebody who isn't that bleep crazy is to nominate somebody who isn't pledging to destroy one quarter of the American economy till may nominate somebody who doesn't pledge for move guns from the hands of one hundred million people. Why are you start with that can be nominated? Somebody who wasn't quite as nutty, then maybe you wouldn't have to worry about Howard Schultz. But the fact is that Democrats in the base want their cake, and they want to too they want to be able to nominate somebody radical without alienating everybody in the middle. This is why shell Goldberg over at the New York Times Zinni sheer panic today. Michelle Goldberg because legitimately the stable over at the New York Times this stable of just awful columnists. It really is amazing. But Michelle Goldberg has a piece today called Howard Schultz. Please don't run for president a bid by extra of Starbucks would be reckless idiocy. Why would it be anymore? Than Elizabeth Warren running for president while because Howard Schulz's moderate. So here's what Michelle Goldberg sessions. Unlike Donald Trump, the former Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz is genuinely successful businessman who built a company that's become part of the daily lives of people across America for this. Those of us who are horrified by Trump's relentless scripting should be grateful. It gives us something concrete to boycott should Schultz decided to launch a narcissistic spoiler campaign for president. So she's happy that he is associated with Starbucks because then they can boycott Starbucks worth noting. Michelle Goldberg is so dumb that. She doesn't even recognize that he's the former Starbucks CEO. He's no longer associated with Starbucks. So she's going to boycott company. He's no longer involved in brilliant. But here's what Michelle Goldberg writes. I mean, do they even have editors over the New York Times anymore? She says could end up helping get Donald Trump reelected shorts appears to share the conviction endemic among American elites that the country hungers for a candidate who socially liberal, but fiscally conservative after all if you're rich. You probably know a lot of people like this. I'm socially liberal, fiscally conservative. Centrist would love to vote for rational democrat and get Trump out of the White House chief executive of the major Bank who wanted to remain. Anonymous recently told politico lamenting Michael Bloomberg's poor odds of the democratic primary, but this frustrated executives politics aren't widely shared by people who haven't been Saddam votes in two thousand seventeen study the political scientists Lee Druckman plotted the two thousand sixteen electorate along two axes one dealing with social issues that identity the other with economics and trade only three point eight percent of voters fell into the socially liberal, economically, conservative, quadrant. So here's the question. What is Michelle Goldberg? So scared of why she's so scared. What what what you worry about? If nobody in the Democratic Party is gonna vote for this guy. The what does she worried about it? She worried about what's her face Marianne Williamson who announced she's going to run for president. Is she worried out Marianne Williamson with why isn't there a column in the New York Times about the kooky yoga instructors who for Marianne Williamson? The answer is nobody knows who she is. And she's not gonna win any votes. So if there's no constituency for Howard, Schultz wise, Michelle Goldberg all upset about his possible candidacy. So here's what she says. She says Bloomberg's research underscores the folly of Schulz's trial balloon Monday, Bloomberg Wisconsin plating at twenty twenty. Rhonda's the democrat put out a statement that seemed aimed at Scholtz though, it didn't mention him by day in two thousand twenty eighth grade likelihood is that independent would just split. The anti Trump vote and end up reelecting the president RoH Bloomberg. That's a risk I refuse to run in two thousand sixteen and we can't afford to run it. Now baffler with such a risk Schultz is demonstrating a level of medical maniacal recklessness. That is it self disqualifying. So the fact that Scholtz things maybe I should run to raise because there's a bunch of people who don't like either party. That's megalomania. Call now. So there's no you can't have it both ways. Either. No one's gonna vote for him. So why are you worried or everyone's gonna vote for him? So maybe he should run by the show Goldberg and many in the Democratic Party won it both ways, they know they're too radical for the American people, and it freaks them out that somebody might be running a third party candidacy that could damage a beloved candidate like Elizabeth ward or combo a Harris or Bernie Sanders. Okay. Just a second. I wanna get to more of Howard Schulz's program, and why Democrats should feel threatened by it first. Let's talk about your car sooner or later, we all know it your car's going to break down. It's a fact every car truck and SUV owner knows if you're lucky that's going to happen while you're still under manufacturer's warranty. But if it happens after the words, he expires, well,.

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