Bulls, Chicago, Fred Hoiberg discussed on 2018 NBA Draft Special


What do you say to the people who say i've got i'm getting a lot of hay mogambo is nurlan i think that would be the fear for anybody sylvie because mo bomb was whole game is this defensive stopper who you can set up down on the blocks and who can help get your team up and running but what do you know how much of a difference is that at this point with the way the league is going and i know he's been working a lot on his jumper he seen the way things have evolved in the last couple of years but if you're the bulls or any other team that is the comparison that would scare me the most because when nerlens noel was coming out everybody thought all right here's a guy that is going to be a building block for the next decade inbetween injuries and inconsistencies he just hasn't been that guy and one of the sound bomba and he tried to knock this down when he was here in chicago was that he wasn't playing as hard as he could at all times and if you're trying to build this culture like fred hoiberg was certainly trying to do less season you know you need guys who can come in and get up and down the floor and go all the time so i like bomba that's a guy that i'd be willing to roll the dice on but the thing that would terrify me if you're the balls or one of these other teams is he just can't shoot it consistently right now do you trust from what you saw that he'll be able to grow that over the years real quick nick because we gotta run so make a prediction they stand seven they stay at twenty two do they come away with if they stay at seven tommy carter carter's the guy from duke he fits at twenty two i mean we've been hearing about this promise that hutchison for i feel like weeks now so it makes a lot of sense he's another priority guy locally here out of boise so twenty two though that's going to be the chip if any deals go down for the bulls that's what they're going to try to move up or down with so i know the focus is on seven and if it's me it's carter good stuff back thanks oh there is a hoodie hosting along with black and free dowell starting a right when we.

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