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And out. Draymond green secures the rebound for the warrior cards once again are over five now three ball. Go to Klay Thompson the bit post against Lowery quick. Double comes. They chased out. Hit. They chased him the three point line. And he buried it now right now. He's four for seven and three ball curry three for five. So your main two guys are on fire twelve point lead for the warriors sixty seven fifty six make that an eleven point lead. Here's coli Leonard double teamed, in the late outside Kosovo fakes the three goes to lower again fakes to three quarters. He'll take it and missed it badly and curry trying to save the imbalan-. Right. Toco, I Leonard three possession. Now hang on the shot clock went off. But there was a change of possession, there with curry may say, I didn't like what we just saw right there. Toronto to open. Threes. Two guys shoot a decent percentage threw the ball to a guy who shooting less than thirty percent. You can't do that yet to take advantage, one of soap and you got to take. So they ruled Korea possession as he tried to save it. They'll put twenty two on the shot clock. Toronto has possession. Sixty seven fifty six. I five points of the half to the Golden State Warriors without Kevin Durant. Here's vanfleet three point light stops the dribble top to Leonard letter goes right by loading. No look pass in the corner for three missed another one rebounded by Thomson. The rafters are two for fifteen from free point land hearing game five very at the top against van bleed runs through a screen alluding. You'd always feel in the paint off those screens loonies got it up. Top gives dream on now to Klay Thompson inside. Loney traffic puts up a shot. No good. He ends up on the deck with lowering both of them are looking for a quality other end. There's Gonzala touch pass as they attack the basket to our left. Why Leonard writing the three point line gives it up to lower down eleven loading off the dribble against looting puts it up in it as he circled around and faded away. It's the big that's what he's been used tonight, going down in their spin, move reverse to create the space sixty seven fifty eight steps into a three straight on miss the soul. The rebound was looking at outlet. Now, the big seven foot Spaniard will pass it across the half court line to Leonard go. I spent high post out of the basement, etc. Stolen momentarily go I got it back bounce pass. Doc feeds fan play. All that stuff. I three made by one of the three guards they needed three for sixteen from three sixty seven sixty one warriors lead down to six nine minutes to go in the third. Ray-ban art dry land, too hard on the tenth half. Good ball. Dr. That one, because it off the glass, vanfleet centered in the quarter to Siachen drives Hardacre dollar pumps. The contact. Aggressive move by scouts Siaka chance for three point where we said, I d- had who'd opportunities in was five for eleven but he had good opportunities inside of sixty just keep work begin in not spotting. Toronto has account of four can get it down to three Huby. I information from the locker of Kevin Durant. Right. Lower leg injury. M. R I tomorrow out of the game as we expect it, very, very sad moment for best all, not only for say warriors a miss free throw by Ceac him. Sixty seven sixty three the warriors without Durant who gave them twelve minutes. Erin gained five eight forty one to go in the third. Draymond green up top to Klay Thompson Thompson gives it back to dream on looking at facilitate dribbles to his right. Five scurry steps back. That's three curry fading on three. Another basket. What he did was he faked going. Over the screen. And when the defender reacted he just created space by going to the twenty six for curry Golden State backup seven seventy to sixty three. Dribble? Handoff Siachen has it up? High tax the free throw line, they go to lead on the left against hurry. Good defense by career as all the way out tries a crossover now puts up a wild shot off the glass. Nearly way doesn't go. They dollar the other way cuts to the middle Andre at the high post passes out to Thompson. Contested rainbow three might have been deflected and it comes down to Marcus all doubt court letter over to vanfleet attacking the lane outside console back to van vanfleet straight on triple missed that one or e bound Draymond green. It hits the back of the best backboard last touch by Draymond. So it'll be Toronto ball with seven forty to go out of pace acne here in the last minute a half received some shoddy best ball right now. What a big thing is Rhonda, you're getting good looks down seven inbound Marcus all has eight to shoot finds letter quick catch and shoot. Three miss polite off tonight. Rebounded by Golden State good, good, good, Paul. Or thirteen or thirteen fares curry attacking the late outside of an open egg Adana is triple splashes.

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