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It's <Speech_Male> Thursday June eighteenth <Speech_Male> I'm Kyle <Speech_Male> Sour Hoffer and he <Speech_Male> is your local news from <Speech_Male> the Los Angeles Times <Speech_Male> brought to you <Speech_Male> by the so-fi <Speech_Male> daily podcast. <Speech_Male> Reaching financial <Speech_Male> independence starts with <Speech_Male> having the right information <Speech_Music_Male> every weekday <Speech_Music_Male> morning. SO-FI <Speech_Music_Male> keeps you up to date <Speech_Music_Male> with important business <Speech_Music_Male> news, stock, <Speech_Male> market happenings, <Speech_Male> and how they affect your <Speech_Male> financial life. <Speech_Male> Get your money, right <Speech_Music_Male> and search for Sophie. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> S. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> F. I. Wherever <Silence> <Advertisement> you get your podcast. <Speech_Male> Today <Speech_Male> will be partly <Speech_Male> cloudy with a high <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> around eighty degrees <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> in a low tonight of sixty <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> one. <Silence> <Advertisement> Our top story <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> in California <Speech_Male> Corona. Virus <Speech_Male> hospitalizations <Speech_Music_Male> have been relatively <Speech_Music_Male> flat for the <Speech_Male> last six weeks, <Speech_Male> but in some parts <Speech_Male> of the state hospitalizations <Speech_Male> are <Speech_Male> on the rise again. <Speech_Male> That's according <Speech_Male> to a Los Angeles Times <Speech_Male> data analysis <Speech_Male> released yesterday, <Speech_Male> and if the trend <Speech_Male> continues, <Speech_Male> it could force officials <Speech_Male> to slow <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> the pace of reopenings, <Speech_Male> the reasons <Speech_Male> for the upticks vary <Speech_Male> and are open <Speech_Male> for debate. However, <Speech_Male> health officials <Speech_Male> have expressed concern <Speech_Male> about some people, <Speech_Male> not following safety <Speech_Male> recommendations. <Speech_Male> Overall hospitalizations <Speech_Male> are <Speech_Male> up in Orange County. <Speech_Male> Ventura County <Speech_Male> and across the San <Speech_Male> Joaquin Valley <Speech_Male> in the meantime Elliott <Speech_Male> County and statewide <Speech_Male> intensive care unit <Speech_Male> hospitalization <SpeakerChange> <Silence> <Advertisement> rates have been declining. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> In <SpeakerChange> other news, <Speech_Male> the pilot <Speech_Music_Male> and the helicopter crash <Speech_Male> that killed Kobe. <Speech_Male> Bryant dismissed concerns <Speech_Male> about weather conditions <Speech_Male> before the <Speech_Male> crash. That's according <Speech_Male> to text messages <Speech_Male> made public yesterday <Speech_Male> by the National <Speech_Male> Transportation Safety <Speech_Male> Board Ninety <Speech_Music_Male> minutes before the helicopter <Speech_Male> plunged into <Speech_Male> a fog shrouded hill <Speech_Male> site. The pilot <Speech_Male> assured the broker <Speech_Male> arranging the flight and <Speech_Male> Brian. Drivers <Speech_Music_Male> that weather conditions <Speech_Male> would be okay. <Speech_Male> The text <Speech_Male> messages are among <Speech_Male> one thousand seven <Speech_Male> hundred pages of newly <Speech_Male> released documents, <Speech_Male> but the documents <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> draw no conclusion <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> about the cause of <Silence> the crash. <Silence> In sports <Speech_Music_Male> USC <Speech_Music_Male> IS PREPARING <Speech_Music_Male> FOR FANS TO BE IN. The Coliseum <Speech_Male> stands <Speech_Male> this fall. USC <Speech_Male> Athletic Director <Speech_Male> Mike. Bohn <Speech_Male> declared in a letter <Speech_Male> to season ticket holders <Speech_Male> yesterday that <Speech_Male> the university was planning <Speech_Male> for a reduced capacity <Speech_Male> crowd at the Coliseum, <Speech_Male> but <Speech_Male> he also said any plans <Speech_Male> were subject to <Speech_Male> change based on local <Speech_Male> health and safety <Speech_Male> guidelines, and <Speech_Male> although bone statement <Speech_Male> was his strongest <Speech_Music_Male> yet about fans <Speech_Music_Male> being part of the action, <Speech_Male> the football team <Speech_Music_Male> has no firm <Speech_Male> date set for a <Speech_Male> return. Meanwhile, <Speech_Male> the state of California <Speech_Male> has not yet <Speech_Male> cleared the way for fans <Speech_Male> to return to Sports, <Speech_Male> stadiums or any <Silence> large gathering. <Speech_Male> And finally <Speech_Male> the Association <Speech_Male> of Volleyball <Speech_Male> Professionals announced <Speech_Male> yesterday that it <Speech_Male> will host a three week <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> tournament and long. <Speech_Male> Beach to replace <Speech_Male> its twenty twenty season <Speech_Male> because of the covid <Speech_Male> nineteen pandemic, <Speech_Male> the VP <Speech_Male> Champions, Cup <Speech_Male> series will take place <Speech_Male> on successive <Speech_Male> weekends from July <Speech_Male> eighteenth to August <Speech_Music_Male> second. No <Speech_Male> fence will be allowed. <Speech_Male> However, all <Speech_Male> matches in the Long <Speech_Male> Beach Tournament will <Speech_Male> be streamed on Amazon. <Speech_Male> Prime with <Speech_Male> some matches also <Speech_Music_Male> set to be broadcast <Speech_Music_Male> by NBC sports. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> The VP <Speech_Male> had previously canceled <Speech_Male> events in Austin, <Silence> Texas and Seattle. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> For these stories and more visit LA TIMES DOT com.

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