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By Matt carpenter dean the plates to will soon. maybe to the school for sure the other man a third. two run double for sooner the cardinals take the lead time. which war warranty swings in grounds of. thanks for this for two more at least in the cardinals had taken as seven to three lead now beginning actually have a really good friend who was bit land area her boys were at the game and she said they left early and if you left early if you're a Braves fan maybe a left at seven three when the cardinals put all those runs on the board in the night the on a pair of RBI doubles from scoring doubles you mess than some fireworks in the ninth inning because definitely the Braves made it interesting they made the work of it with Ronald a Cooney home run of Freddie Freeman home run ends maybe that's why the spotlight will shine even brighter and hotter on a **** yet for not running out a ball in the seventh inning that banged off the wall in right field so that was kind of the talk after the game for the Braves and even his own teammates as well as manager bride snicker calling about but for me this is about the bullpen the cardinals were relentless against mark Milan San and even though Carlos Martinez gave up a few runs he was able to make it stand up and it could end up coming down to the bullpen so they are off and running by the way that they are calls on the cardinals radio network with John Rooney and Mike Shannon and end the Braves fans that I heard from already expecting the worst that the series is definitely not over but Dallas chi goal was good maybe a bit of a quick cook considering the bull pen but these are the tough decisions that said that they have to make a bride sticker has to make it has been navigating all year so coming up we'll look ahead to the four games that are in progression on Friday it's boom boom boom boom boom with a baseball.

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