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I am. This is morning meeting on a patriots breed Tuesday. Starting out right about now. We also course looking ahead to the state of the union tonight. And I out rage continues. With this Virginia governor, basically north them. There's just a lot of of react. So, you know, the the late night TV host didn't get a chance to dig their they're causing to north really over the weekend and cool bear has a pretty amazing setup on this. And the fallout. Also, I mean, the fact that the Lieutenant governor is also in the mix here. I mean, basically this story came out about some sort of sexual assault. Now, he's blaming the governor's people for leaking this story because they I mean, and what struck me about this. Basically, we've got Lieutenant governor against governor in Virginia over this whole thing is. Sort of the the appearance of governors and Lieutenant governors presidents and vice presidents people in the same party being sort of just totally false. And the fact that when the chips are down and people need to either protect themselves, and or they see that they could advance their career. There are no more brotherhood there. There's no more partnership. It's everybody for themselves. Yeah. Without question. I mean, go back about twenty years ago when Bill Clinton was president now gore was vice president, and he was running for president and everyone expected that he would win well before it even got to the primary. The Monica Lewinsky story dropped what reports are that at a meeting with Clinton Gore and other people that gore was just apoplectic because he looked at it that this is going to derail me. Oh, total. And we know that JFK and Lyndon Johnson were anything, but friends. Yep. Right. They did not like each other. But JFK and body felt that it was wise to have Lyndon Johnson on the ticket to that liver, Texas in the southern Democrats. So sometimes you bring someone in. It's not all use a term from the old days. Hunky Dory agreed president and vice president or governor Lieutenant governor I've seen potty go. So they they can kind of feud a little bit and like. It's like they stand each other. Right. Just enough to make sure that they don't hurt each other. But Al Gore short to this day. With Bill Clinton because it may have cost him the presidency. Well, I will say I have a feeling Tim Kaine and Hillary what have gotten along just fine in that Tim Kaine would have done whatever it is. She told him to. Debate. Or that was your first mistake was picking him as now. I don't know. I mean, clearly, yes, he was. He was nothing is what he was. But I mean, they do say that really the most important the most important thing about a either a Lieutenant governor or Lieutenant sorry or vice president pick is do no harm. That's what they look for. I and for example, attorney general not attorney General, Tom Riley state attorney General Tom Riley, chose somebody who ended up doing him quite a bit of harm because she owed taxes on our house. I think and was in. So so that's a classic example campaign. I mean, even though he didn't do great in the debate. He didn't do harm that debate. Even though as you know, it didn't damage Hillary. She damaged yourself. Just minor on. Yeah. You have Tim Kaine to me was grilled chicken salad. He was that's what I think they're meant to be. Sarah Palin at times was an asset. She was first announced his running mate. Holy cow. Skyrocketed made it much closer between Obama and McCain. But then as the campaign continued detriments kinda hit both sides of the iceberg. It's like the fire festival. Everything nowadays is the fire fest festival. The fire festival of politics, the fire festival of whatever. Because I mean, it is incredible in Shattuck. And I talked about this yesterday. I know, but I mean how they sold. I mean, their advertisements were a perfect home run for millennials because it involved every single aspect of what millennials want, which is exclusivity access all the riches all the best things, you know. And combined them the only problem was, of course, they couldn't deliver those. And for you know Palin. Brought all of the things that I think conservatives wanted. But I don't think that she could deliver mainly because she just didn't have the she didn't have the haft experience. She didn't have the, you know. So was sort of a similar thing, by the way. The of course, the patriots parade kicking off. I just saw Brady and his little girl looking super cute a chorus in pink tails with like blue elastic of sorts super cute kids, by the way. I don't know why. But I don't know if I'll ever get over Tedy Bruschi kids running towards him on that field. That was incredible one thing I've ever ever seen. I mean when I think about patriots hanging out with their kids. I just liked one of the best can Trump that for me. I just before Super Bowl thirty nine. So our probably like eighteen. Yeah. Yeah. Now. Thing called college football or high school football. Yeah. It was it was really cute. Yeah. Schilling me with that cuteness. She is super cute. Yeah. Look at her. She's in that. Oh my God. Yeah. She's got ribbons. She is she is so happy right now. She is thrilled. And my goodness. I hope I mean, that's the thing. You know? I'm not sure I've a feeling that Tom Brady and Giselle actually have rules for them race correctly. In terms of not allowing them to be jerks. I think because they they came from those types of families. From good families. That there were rules and. Still respect your parents to this day Tom Brady melts in front of his mother is still so respectful to his dad. Yeah. Tom senior. And that doesn't change no matter how much money you make or how many Super Bowl rings? You earn any still I wouldn't say deferential, but he respects the hell out of his sisters. Because actually the story was that of the four Brady kids. Tom was the worst athlete is. We're all really good athletes soccer softball. Yeah. And if you saw Tom at the at the combine back in two thousand yeah, he looked like an accountant that got lost in the forty yard. Dash it took them five point two five seconds. Which is something you'd say like an offensive lineman run. It was like if you go just go on YouTube and say Tom Brady combine you will laugh, and because it was like, the ugly duckling no shirt on and he certainly did not look like Adam LeVine writing. But that, but you know, he he really is a self made guy who just incredible. I mean, you have to wonder too if that didn't that was where he found out that. Challenge made him a better the motivation. Yeah. Still has a chip on his shoulder. Super Bowl liked to be called the go right now. Part of all the goat. Right. Because again if you're the goat. You don't wanna have to rephrase he says for him to say because he is but partly too is that one hundred ninety nine th pick. He was the fourth string quarterback when he comes here. So he's got this chip on his shoulder that I wanna prove all those teams that bypass me were wrong, and you know, bypass them on multiple occasions with the Pacers. Oh, yeah. People would say well bell checks genius for picking Brady not in the sixth round. Right. And you're going to get sick Super Bowls out of the first pick in the draft. Right. So he a lot of athletes still have that chip on their shoulder. Kobe. Bryant added Michael Jordan, man, if he's ever seen. Michael Jordan's hall of fame speech is induction species like just still angry angry at his high school coach for cutting them and everybody else, and that's the way these guys are motivated because what motivates Tom Brady at this point. He's got it all to get out of bed every morning to still eat the right, food and train and watch film, and do all of that stuff is very easy for him to just get up and say I've done it all I'm just gonna like lounge around today, but he's not wired that way, and that's why he's been so successful. Yeah. He he absolutely isn't wired that way, and I wondered like I was thinking. Yes, I said his sister's doing so better at him in sports. Maybe started that compete with them. I'm a little kid, brother. Right. I see my sisters all do. Well. Yeah. He was actually drafted by the Expos as a catcher. Coming out of high school. So the whole notion that he's not an elite athlete is is laughable right quarterback ever. You'd have to be pretty elite athlete. He's he doesn't jump off the screen like some other quarterbacks or some other athletes that we've seen but the hand eye coordination the ability to slow the game down all the foot. I coordination is at a high level. And it just continues. You can just continues to work at it was getting out of high school were really no college offers to him and his dad put together a videotape of some of his highlights and he got a scholarship to Michigan. The biggest thing you had gone for me at a decent arm. And he's about six four and a half quarterbacks. They like to have in that six four six five. Right. So Michigan took a chance, and he was kind of in and out of the lineup. It was never really his team. That's why he lasted until the sixth round in the two thousand drafts. And then he comes here is the fourth string quarterback. And they kept him normally an NFL team. Not keep quarterbacks. They kept him and the world change for patriot fan. Fans for Drew Bledsoe. In for Tom Brady when do Bledsoe got hurt in September of two thousand one against the New York Jets. And the rest is history. So yeah. So we are. Watching course these guys enjoy their day in the sun as as this patriots parade is going on downtown Boston the duck boats. I think right now we're seeing what craft and who's a fellow in the caps out. Can't really Jonathan Kraft. Okay. The president of the team. Okay. So. Yeah. Cool stuff. Very cool stuff. And I'm sure people who are out there having a blast. It's great Grady said he'll be very disappointed if gronk and mean, don't take their shirts off. See we saw that. When it was like frigid some in gronk, we'll take their shirts off Bronx gonna have a blast today. Because this maybe the last time he gets to do this. Right. Be the last time he's a member of the New England Patriots. Because a lot of us are expecting him to retire within the next couple of weeks. You think they were told to to hold off on the booze or do? They appreciate what gronk brings. Yeah. Gronk the ultimate party guy. Yeah. But he's he's harmless in that sense. I mean, oh, yeah. No, I yeah. I mean, you're on a duck boat. It's not all bent out of shape. I mean, he's these guys they were driven. They're they're going to be driven back to wherever they're going. I mean gronk I think part of the whole the party image of gronk is a bit. Overblown because I I don't think you look like that with that physique and be able to be that good. If if he's that much of a party guy. I'm sure he is. But it's not always tied into a lot of booze. He's just he's a likable guy. He's had probably to slip ups in his entire career on the field one when he got suspended for game because he piled drive. Send himself like a missile into an opposing player after the player was over. And another time. He kinda the said it's laughingly after the game. He threw a guy out of the club. But it was a very very late hit and could have been dangerous other than that. He's just he's like a big likable kid. You know, everybody wants to be drunk. I think I saw more gronk shirts coming in today than even Brady rental shirts. People women love gronk, they'd like to hang out with them. He's kind of a fun guy. Guys wanna be gronk for life of the party right now. He's a big tall. Good looking guy and everybody kinda really likes them Brady has been here forever. So it's kind of like if you're wearing a Brady shirt, you probably in your forties because you got your first one you were like twenty two. All right. And so I guess we'll we'll bring up if anything really super fun happens or anything. But you know, there's there's other news going on. We got the state of the union coming up tonight. I guess Trump has been saying that he's going to be talking about bipartisanship. Obviously he's doing this in the specter of. That you know, he he's faced a huge defeat was supposed to be giving this speech last week. I think or or been put off and now he's giving the speech, and he's trying to sort of say, let's work together. But of course, this comes after trying to steamroll people seem real Democrats exactly when they can't be steamrolled anymore. So it's just a it's an interesting thing. We'll have to sort of see how how it goes. But it's already certainly. You know, people like, Lindsey Graham, and and Sarah, Huckabee Sanders and Trump himself or trying to pre-game this by urging folks to work together here. I think that Lindsey Graham who will listen to is talking to Republicans who are trying to figure out if they're if they're never Trumpers or not. Let's you're from from Lindsey Graham. Well, I think sharing the government down is not a good way to get the wall built the best way to get the wall built is to work Democrats, if they will work with the Republicans to build a wall and do some other things, but it doesn't look like Nancy Pelosi is gonna give Democrats much space. So our the president would do is used the power of commander-in-chief to go down to the border..

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