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It's mutating affected where there's some sort of corruption from the outside Nokia when they'll turn into fuck out well yeah because you're pigs feel like what's come. If you're a kid you know what's coming. Your body is going to rate go through changes but this movie's got a ton of that. Most of these characters have at least one transformation. We'll this space between childhood and adulthood like so she's GonNa have some crazy changes coming on. I think that's the thing I mean once again speaking just as a someone who is incredibly terrified child. I think it was just like this is already so overwhelming. I don't want anything to change right. I just I just got a footing on this. I'M GONNA lose my voice right now. I'm GonNa have to shave like what the fuck out every which way all of that get it out of here it is yeah. Let me just stay here. Yeah and also the adult world is mean and yeah hard to figure out and you're gonna like just be Straw draw tired. I've told this story. I'm sure before on the podcast it's a thing that probably like kind of broke doc me as a human being in many ways you could look to my current lifestyle and extrapolate how this affected me when my mom was pregnant with my sister sister so I was eat going on nine and my brother and I had shared a room and now we were. GonNa get separate bedrooms for the first time because we had a third kid to get a bigger space so my mom asked me what color I want my walls to be and I said I wanted the cloud wallpaper from toy story and my mom said she would not let me do that because I wouldn't like toy story for much longer. WHOA that is is crazy that she said that you're right now to stop investment like how much was probably a lot of money to buy that welfare but she she did break. Get Down in those terms I said what do you mean. She went look. I know you love toy story now but you're eight and soon you're going to be nine and made you feel like when you're ten or eleven but when you're thirteen you're not gonNA WANNA live. If you're GONNA be embarrassed. She's worried that you're going to be embarrassed. As an aside with your mom on I'd broke down crying and I live in an apartment. That's ninety percent toy story yeah yeah. I mean it's good. It's my favorite. He's wearing. I'm wearing four key from the new toy story. Rat twister is a masterpiece. You should wash it. I think you'd like I don't know man. I don't WanNa. I don't WanNa go dumping on Pixar. I know you Kinda. My Wife's job emily. I never liked speed bag at Pixar movies. That's Kinda. What I'm talking about the entertainment weekly thing like God Toy Story. He's just such a set is such a satisfying in state of the art of storytelling. This is a flawless machine delivering emotions. Here's my whole taken not gonna get into this because he he's left me episode right now but that the toy story movies are about existential meaningless they sometimes are. I think the choice is a pretty good. I think they all right. Characters haven't arrested in fact that they have no reason to be a lot of stuff to talk about what to Australian ligament at him all right but the point is in some ways. I think my mother saying that to me probably probably caused me to out of defiant. I see what you're never locked story right and I can empirically like as an adult rationalize why still value them uh-huh movies and all of this but I also think that concept terrified me so much her telling me fundamentally. There are things that mean the most to you in the world right now they you will not only you won't like them. We'll be embarrassed by the ever heavy lesson it freaked the fuck out of being oh yeah and that kind of thing of you will change the things you care about will change. Your name will change. You know all these sorts of things. I had the same thing with starting fires. They told you you would grow out of starting fires and I never did okay David. Yes horrible. Louise Happy New Year Okay and Shaw to new two important calendar points here okay Jewish New Year and happy New Year. Explain just decided this is the start of a new year okay so maybe you're going to use neum to like improving. Your lies is true. I've been I've been trying to get in shape rape a little bit. You know I've been saying that for months but the fact is I haven't been doing it but now I'm doing it and getting in shape. It's not just way gotta learn habits. This is the thing I've been trying to be habits. That's what I've been changing and it's now. I'm just doing it for the first time which means I'm considering at the start of a new year because the rest of this year didn't didn't count so neum is this one program for all your health and weight loss you don't have to hunt around for trading APPs and workouts in calorie trackers and meal plans. You've gotta be excited and went down all those things do. It's got it all and you can even add. I know you can add a goal specialists and Herman Kahn and a community the of members who can keep you motivated and accountable. It's like a workout best. He all in one accountability Buddy Yeah Kinda Bella Buddies so you can set goals for like physical stuff like you know wanting to feel confident clothing or better self care stuff like that you can do for psychological stuff like your mood you can strolling controlling in your stress and anxiety or you can do social stuff like to try and get you to go out a little bit more be more comfortable in social environments. Noone can help you break any bad habits. You.

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