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Of the cutting room floor. First half we went over. What we we did an update on players. I talked about in a previous episode and we discussed a bit about the inside linebacker position in coverage. And how we're going to judge. Preseason basic basically saying. Don't judge devon bush and roberts bullying too harshly for how they played in philadelphia inside linebackers put in situations where they are on an island with athletic tight ends or wide receivers are going to get the they are going to be the mismatch on the field. That's that's not how the defense works in actual games. So now we're going to talk about the inside linebacker position and we're going to start with the big news the dropped during the preseason game at philadelphia and that is the steelers. Acquisition of joe schubert If you if you don't know that the steelers traded sixth round pick. Jacksonville is paying half of his salary for the season and he also redid his contract. Move some money around If you if you want to know all the details of that goto behind the curtain dot com. David dave scofield Those great articles on that he does a great job breaking down how those contracts workout and how they impact team in the salary cap and all of that stuff but basically for less than two million dollars on the salary cap this season which is a tiny hit and a sixth round. Pick next year. The steelers got joe schober for this season. If they wanna keep him after the season there he's got some pretty big numbers is numbers are not small so Yeah it's it's. He's unlikely to be a long term solution unless he is really just that good that they said okay. He's he's worth paying. You know eight million. I think it is for twenty twenty two so for the steelers. Getting joe shelbert. And when you look at the deal people are saying well. Kevin colbert just absolutely flees the jacksonville jaguars on this deal and we wanna look at that. Because oftentimes when it's like whoa. How did we get a guy for this cheap. You end up finding out you know what you got him that cheap because he's just not that good or or you know your your overvaluing them you know. Maybe it's not just the other team undervaluing him. Maybe you're overvaluing him. So let's give why he went to jacksonville. invited fit. Jacksonville has a linebacker miles. Jack who's of top athletes absolute stud in his athleticism and he's also a really good coverage linebacker and he's good at running. Hit football what. He's not great at is taking on blocks and run stuffing. If you can force the play outside he's gonna write him down if you can you know if he's in coverage he's he's incredible really good linebacker in coverage so the jacksonville jaguars are looking at this. We need to pick up a run stop. We need a guy next to him that can take on. Those ron stuffing abilities while still being able you know to be in coverage some and so they went and grabbed joe. Schubert who with the browns had had really good numbers for high tackles tackles for loss. The great you know Pf grades against the run and it was also in coverage. They paid him a big contract to be the guy next to miles. Jack who will allow miles jack to play strengths and really come into his own and be a top tier linebacker. What they found is that they did not get the player. They thought they were getting Basically job is not that run. Stuffer that you know the thing. Vince williams. He's not vince williams. He's not that dude is going to be like. Yeah you know i'm gonna. I'm gonna take on offensive lineman of beat them in the run game. I'm going to stuff a fullback in the whole get off of him and tackle your running back in the backfield for loss. That's vince williams. Right joe schober. Not that dude. He's much better in coverage than than than williams was and he's good run in run defense but he's not a run stuffer. He is not a guy who's going to free up mile jack to not have to to really worry about you. Know taking on blockers of being that guy in the run game so he didn't work out there and he had a big contract and basically the way it was up. There was a lot of guaranteed money for this season. You know when the new the new people came in took over the team. New coaches new systems. Everything you've got a lotta money locked into this player this season that you can't get out from under next season a season after that. His car pay is big enough and he's not worth it to that team. That has now suddenly young. He's not the guy. They thought they were trying. They were trying to get next two miles jack so basically they were going to cut him. He's gone either way. He's gone after this season. And so they were able to dump half of that money onto the steelers and get rid of him okay. That's basically what they did. They dump the player and dumped half. The salary on the steelers wasn't a great move for them. But it's understandable. Now what he brings to the steelers talk about this way all right. So he wasn't the guy they wanted next two miles jack. Let's compare miles. Jacket devon bush and for the sake of argument I'm just gonna let you just consider them to be roughly equal in overall talent. Blessed miles jack is is kind of like eighty percent coverage focus. Twenty percent run defense right. He's guy you wanting coverage every play and not really run defense ever whereas devon bushes closer to balance. He's he's really good and coverage but he's not miles jack level right. He's really good. But he's better against the ryan the miles jackass so even if if we consider the two of them even jaclyn miles jack would be the better coverage guy. Devin bush would be closer to balanced and better at run stuffing than miles jackass. Meanwhile the steelers had a guy. Like vince williams. Who if you're gonna if you're gonna do that. Same kind of percentile breakdown of run versus coverage on defense versus coverage. Vince ways would be like eighty or higher percent. Run defense and twenty percent or less in coverage While joe shelbert is more balanced so basically if before last season both teams had been smart. This has been like a madden kind of franchise..

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