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Doctor akin before we wrap, I want to ask you about what listeners can do to get more involved. You've invited them to the conversation, but what would that look like? I think we have to think about global solutions, because cyberspace is a global construct. But I think equally, we have to be respectful of national criteria of cultural differences in different countries who want to approach cyberspace in their own way for their own population. So I think that you have solutions that are local country by country. And then you have agreed solutions in shared spaces in cyberspace. We have maritime law for shared waters. We have aviation law for the shared airspace. So I think they're basic things we can agree on, and then there's some things that will need to be legislated country by country. I would ask listeners to reach out to their local legislators, their local politicians. There are a number of bills that are being debated at the moment in the U.S., for example, send her warners safe tech Bill, which will address some of these issues. So get involved become an activist in cyberspace a good activist. One thing that I can mention is that for any listener that is now fascinated by cyber psychology and the way that I am, we are offering the world's first online masters at capital tech and online PhD in cyberpsychology. So if you feel like you want to complete your education, reach out to us online. Doctor Aiken, this has been a great conversation very eye opening. Thank you so much for being on the show. Thank you, Ronald. Absolutely enjoyed it. Doctor Mary Aiken is a cyber psychologist and chair of the department of cyberpsychology at capital technology university in Laurel Maryland. You can find links to her recent publications about cybercrime and to the degree program she mentioned in our show notes. Solvable is produced by Jocelyn Frank. Research by David jock, booking by Lisa Dunn. Our managing producer is Sasha Matthias and our executive producer is meal Labelle. I'm Ronald young junior. Thanks for listening. How far is too far? Going after the entire nation of Norway may be too far, but when designing our next generation of EVs, General Motors engineers ask themselves, how can we go even further? That's why GM developed LTM, a revolutionary new EV platform built for power, flexibility and range. Capable of taking you from here to there and back again, discover how GM's new electric vehicles can take you further at GM dot com. Everybody in. Hi, I'm lyla wrapped topless. I host a new podcast called FT weekend. As a young journalist working at the Financial Times, I used to sneak upstairs to visit our life and art section, FT weekend. It was a playground up there, a playground of ideas and creativity and big questions. On FT weekend, the podcast, we bring that energy to life. From asking the world's best chef how to be good to entering and erupting volcano. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts..

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