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Let's get in the huddle. It just goes on how to up with Gus. Thanks for joining us today. I'm here with my co host. Dave Hager Dave got a really good guests today hall of Famer her great nickname the great dane the great Dane and also the King of kicks. I think there's an the matador is so claims but today on a show of US Morten Andersen more than how you doing buddy. I am an great to see gus. you know all the guys I held my balls. You were the best. Yeah thank you I. I took great pride in holding your boss just the way you wanted the best or after see this is how you this is how you opened the show guys it is it. is T's a great Dane and then you come right with the ball's job and then more than likely his balls really big. Okay Yeah So. That's a really big vertical big ball. So that's the size. I think he had like a fourteen eighteen. Chew ground Teen Thirteen he asked he hated. saggy balls to they had to be nice. And it'd it'd be stitched. Yeah they had a big definitely stitch man. You know one type Dave more than I were in the field house at the Vikings and we challenge each agenda the throw like into a trash. Can you save from twenty yards. Hit that so at an indoor facility is all these trash cans along the back wall and we out early night hold for him and so then I said well I'll throw him and you kick them in and he actually beat me. That's how accurate. But we had to move in because he was like at that time. You're like forty seven so five forty one really could go from so far forty five. I wasn't forty hours and forty five and then we're money. Oh Yeah Oh yeah. And I had to learn to hold for a left-footed Kicker Elliot had very Mary He. He was so strict on how I had to do it. But I had learned the ultra left footed a never health one in like two days. And what's great in the rush. Everything everything switched. Your brain has to sweep you have to you know. Usually when you're holding for a right footed kicker one hands front. Switch it over. Yeah News just if you've ever overdone you're right into all right. Yes so try and do something. Left handed is is terrible. Like I'm using data from one end up I had an all led to catch it and you had to catch gus and hold it with your right hand and turn it with your left hand. Because I didn't want the I didn't want this hand to cover the ball As I'm coming into the ball right so when you held it with this you could turn it here and I had a clear view of the ball. It was just things like that we talked about. I think in a very powerful way you know. Hey this is what I expect of you and I think you are very open to it. Even though you were quarterback a little bit of primitive you know Prima Premadonna. You're you you check the EGO at the door. I was impressed and we had a really good year. Yeah we did. We had a great year and the other thing too is he filmed everything the only anytime I've ever been film holding for kicker for three angled three on the front the back and shoulder held camera. We have it was amazing Guy Morton. Let's go back to when you grew up overseas Before you you are an immigrant into the United States of America what was it like growing up over there. What was that first member of you were? You fell in love with sports. I was five years old and I remember. It was the night before I had to go to the very first soccer practice and I slept with my soccer shoes on like next to my pillow. My Mom and dad bought me these red. Patrick which is a French brand of soccer shoes and I was so excited barely slapped then. I kept looking at these shoes going. I'm GonNa wear these tomorrow in a kick the ball tomorrow. Five years old this started. That's how it started man. Did you have an idled. There was somebody who looked up to in the world there was a German striker called Gad Moolah and I will use to when we when when we did Make believe you know playing in in the in the backyard or whatever with buddies I would tell everybody just called me middle. Just Call Me Middle Man. Yeah just this Miller and the old scoring machine for the German national team. He was a little guy but he was always in the right spot at the right time. I said I wanNA be like that. I always want to be in the right spot the right time and I kind of feel like I I was. Yeah that's ever since I can remember I was. I was Terry Bradshaw plane and and if I played baseball I was always I was either Willie. stargell Dave Marker. I'm Pittsburgh I so I love those guys but we all had those idols growing up What other sports did you play grown-up so this is a sport? That's not very common. In the United States called team Handball Olympic pick sport. Now I'm not talking about the handball. You play in prison. You know against the wall. Great Not Shit that sport prison handle all seven guys are golly. It's an Olympic sport very physical very good. That 'cause I could jump and I was a gymnast. I did a lot of gymnastics nasty trampoline and vaulting. So I had a lot of a Lotta spring. I could jump really high and in team handball. You so you can jump in the defense trying to block your shot. You're still hanging in the air shooting the ball. You got a shot at goal so that was something I became really good at did did you. Did you have a good arm at a good left arm back then. They didn't like what's team hamble like as a kid are their the children playing team hamble. Oh yeah very young five years age really just like soccer here across Football I mean peewee football. You know it started at young and basketball. Same thing is what's going on in the states very young age. Yeah it's funny when you see like on the Olympics Olympic team handball. It's one of those. were she go. It's almost like a curling where you go. How are people like? Where do they get involved with that? But it sounds like inserting especially here in the states state. You don't see I remember in gym class playing it in high geico as we used to use a volleyball to write about two sizes. There's a little smaller than of all right. And all and I remember I used to love. Just what more can I jump in the air and I I wouldn't care if I scored Um I just wanted to hurt the goalie in front of the net so bad and I can remember after one like jim classical came out and he had like six welts all over so I don't think I scored a goal but hit the goalie like six times. It was not dodgeball. Gosh I'm just having fun but is it's a great sport so you played that you were gymnast hugging and gymnastics. I was looking for job and I went to a I went to school. I got an instructors. Licence and I was teaching gymnastics. Initially while I was doing it. I just like the the physicality of it the jumping flying in the air you go into a trampoline and you draw your clips in the end you land on Matt. It's pretty wild stuff events trampoline Floor exercises unbolting in so when I came to high school in at Ben Davis High School I I was on the gymnastics team. There I was a kicker on the on the the football team and in the winter did gymnastics in this. In the spring I was along the track and field Iran the anchor on the eight eighty around the one to one ten twenty and I was a long jumper while so I get a lot of different. So how old were you when you came to. The states are seventeen actually on my seventeenth birthday. I landed in Indianapolis with the Baker family. A family that I live with for ten months in the intent was to save ten months not forty thirty two years. What was that program called? It you came over at did was called youth understanding. Why if you and it? Basically promotes international exchange between teenagers teenagers. So while I was in the states my family in Denmark my mom and dad had a kid from Denver Colorado named Bob corless and he took over oh my room and and live there and learn Danish for ten months so it was literally it was an exchange. Did he stay. is He still living in. And then he got out of the back to Colorado he would back out of examining weed is legal. You know what was the biggest difference between Denmark and Indianapolis tablets. Oh Man let me count the ways like your initial reaction did you. Did you speak English really well. I mean I didn't. I barely spoke the game The the most bizarre thing looking back on it Gaza's like I. I didn't speak language. I didn't know anybody and now I'm so entrenched in this I just became a US US citizen about a month and a half ago or the as a love it so you know it's Kinda come full circle. Oh for me but I. I didn't know a person. My story is really the American dream it really is. It's going from nothing having nothing to creating something because of a great opportunity in the greatest country on. That's how I feel and how you so if you take that into what's happening today with off uh-huh that's going on in our country of the kind of being divided because of immigration and all these things in the rhetoric that's out there. How do you feel about that because it does give give so many people an opportunity to live their dreams? Yeah well three things. I never talk about politics religion in sexual preference as I'M GONNA Bought having said that I believe in strong borders. I believe in coming here illegally. And you know pay taxes like everybody else else and be gainfully employed and create a live a great life that you may not have had an opportunity to do in the country you came from if you WANNA come to the United States law-abiding citizen you have to understand the bill rights. You know. And and and you have to understand that it's a lawful country and that we all I'll have to coexist with respect despite our cultural differences or nationalities languages. This is what America was built on. This is a melting pot of immigrants unless you are unless you came over involuntarily or you are a native American. We're we're immigrants and it's entrees build on on the thought that a better life was to be had in this country and you had to work hard. If you had the talent you would be given given the opportunity and you would abide by the laws. This is something I believe in very strongly and part of that is strong border control. I don't I don't think you can just open the floodgates commit people in. That's that's not healthy for any society. No countries doing that right now that it's hard in that it is hard for people that are kind of fleeing persecution and stuff like that and we don't have to get into all that but there are I think there are caveats everything right. There are definitely should be legal legal but there are people that need help. I always say we should help our own. I because we do have a lot of people I just gave guy driving up here today. Day One of my because he did you see him on. I saw come here yes so at my protein bar. I handed out the window to upset. Good luck place. You what do you what do you have. Do you have a Gus Gus bar no no I just had a gatorade bore. I still love those things because they came to us all the time in the NFL. And we're still having when you play. Aj blocked from like two thousand eight with the Vikings Helmet. Well they stay forever. They're like a twinkie. The so when you go to high school you have a great Advantage over the other guys in high school. Because you have this this great dialect that nobody's ever heard before Indianapolis and I'm sure the girls loved it. Well I mean I did have a what kind of a unique situation around prom. Time because in Denmark the cultural divide there you go out a big group of people and you figure out who who you like. Who Don't live you hang? Hang around that them right Awin prompt time came. I invited three girls. They all accept it. They all all said yes.

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