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The league and so i was on a washington over eight. It was minus one fifteen. I think you can still get like some eight minus one forties now. I still think that's good. I think they have a very good chance to win the division there was some plus three fifty up there. I think that's been bet down a plus three hundred or so or something like that but yeah. I think they're going to be very very good against stabilizing. The quarterback position ryan fitzpatrick is not a world beater but ryan fitzpatrick is very very very capable quarterback. I think we saw last year. I know you were just talking about too. I mean if if they had never gone to to and stuck with ryan fitzpatrick the whole way. And i it's not saying anything bad about two this year. But last year ryan fitzpatrick undoubtedly would have led that team to the playoffs especially with with jan galle. Call and call the place for his for his guy ryan fitzpatrick i feel like people just are like trying to outsmart themselves as we move closer to the season on washington cannon. I talked about that. Plus three seventy five to win the division prior to the signing of patrick when taylor heinecke was still slated to be the starter for the washington football team. Adam coming up in the next hour. Ken and i are going to break down. The miami dolphins the new england patriots of our favorite bets on those teams for the coming season. And you mentioned fits. And you mentioned to us. So i'd love to get your take on miami heading into the season. I'm pretty high onto a ceiling for this team. Also have to acknowledge that the floor could be low of two as bad right. That's the thing that could happen. I think too was going to be good. Love the weaponry around here really liked this dolphins team. Where are you at here onto the miami dolphins it just for context who was passing yards. Profit rivers three thousand eight hundred fifty and a half twenty three and a half passing touchdowns jalen waddell seven hundred and a half receiving yards among some other bets for miami. Yeah i think. I have a wattle under but it was up around eight hundred fifty yards. And that's just a lot for rookie wide receiver. Nothing against jalen waddell yet. The to a question is really a talent question to me. And i really try not to be a talent evaluator. That is not my strong suit. I try to stay in my lane and try to be more logical about usage and how players are going to be used out on the field to a man i. I don't know it did not look good last year. I think that they will have the worst offensive line in the nfl this year. Which is certainly concerned. I liked the weapon. I love willfuller waddles. Fine i think devante parker is very very good. I love mike just icky. I even love gaskin who i know. There was a lot of controversy about and the fan community over the weekend over his usage. But i think that they are good. They're offensive line's just really really scary. It would shock me if they were able to win more games in the buffalo bills this year but i easily see the dolphins finishing second in the division. No problem you'll playoff push adam. We really appreciate it man. Fantastic stuff whenever wanted to check out. The website established the run. Whether you're betting on the nfl this season whether you're a fantasy football player chances are i mean you're both because it doesn't stop right now so check out establish the ron dot com.

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