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Much the same when rosh votes there saw. That's no good. If you if you look into the finish top four or even challenge you know you. You have to have a team. Unit will survive pleaser when plays a rope regardless of whether it's fatigue suspension or injury manchester. United of schaller's today that that's not the case when those two players don't play. This is a completely different team so listen team that a team that plays and towns up the way they third gives us the jekyll and hyde. You pinon money on them. Finishing anywhere near the tail of the top for frank popa given a rare starts and marty with a brilliant goal. Yeah it did but it was a little bit like a we say the tree is the the forest where wearing factor for an hour. It was almost complicating existent. And it's fantastic goal. It's funny that i was watching. Tv and the french jersey. Say now everybody will have to be quiet because pug by scored a goal no. I'm sorry it's not enough for me. You have to be more consistent. You have to be more To be more inside the middle of the park you know working hard defending hard being leader which is not the case for for for for for the moment and as the my friend said we. You need finan blue fernandez or even rush to make sure that manchester united is better and you need more from pogba so case quote a fantastic goal no doubt about that it's absolutely fantastic but is its involvement in the game is not enough done. I think one of the things. Steve brought this up and quite a few occasions is the way that the teams dominated in the middle of the park. And that's what ways to them and not first half in declan race the way plays and the falstaff woke woke it up man united states and protect box for the do dominated. It was almost like west. How one the second balked at any pressed and it's a real wheeled and violence strangely. Talk about after the victory but taylor's on the left side who is pretty good going forward but defend on the other side. You've got one bassac who's defensive side of the game as a strength but really struggles going forward so as a real imbalanced in terms of the box. But we'll have one thing. I have to hear.

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