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Telling you this is all these guys to ooh. I love your when you when you sent that text last night at midnight like all right. I'll check this lady out she her lyrics were clever and it was funny hearing all of that Innuendo in those examples put into word form in and excuse means a music forum. She wasn't that great in my opinion. Now Buddha's pitched. That's my opinions of your Music Joyce. You're lashing. We gotta go yeah. I mean no doubt I would love to have her come in for the radio actually and do like a live rendition of like her Shit I. I believe she is a marine. She either is or you. Don't come on this without being like the phrase Buddha's bitch. If you utter the phrase Buddha's bitch in front of me I oughta that's you don't even have to show me Your D to fourteen. I automatically know that you're in the Marine Corps and her songs show such an like an Jeff Knowledge of the Marine Corps Geez for sure we gotta show she's. She's my eighth amid all right. Let's move onto round number to do you WANNA walk us through that more wholesome yeah chaff by the way just be thankful that you miss this whole dating online with APPs seem. I'm happy I'm no longer part of it. I WANNA catfish. Somebody I WANNA use not like my own picture but I wanNA use somebody who I would say a a solid for like my looks like a four point six. I WANNA find somebody who's like a four point six and just use my personality and what I think would work on dating sites just to see how good I would do me and my wife almost did it one night. We almost made one together just so we could fuck around with it while we were watching jeopardy and see how many people we could you gotta get the hook up with us. That's a slippery slope libary. Slow Breeze love next the next thing you know next thing you know you're sandwiched between two dudes from Des Moines and you're wondering how it got signed me up up all right. Let's move onto round two comes to our friends over at a stars and stripes a little bit of a surprise I story with the help of his cane. Ninety six year old Clarence Boyer stood before the Shiny Marble fountains of the World War Two memorial on the National Mall this Wednesday and rendered entered a sharp salute admiring the bronze star medal with combat V. for valor pins on the Lapel of his Third Armored Division Jacket side note the World War Two memorial is my favorite memorial acids acids gorgeous. It was a moment that had been a longtime coming almost seventy five years smaller had earned the moniker the hero of Cologne own as a twenty one year old tank gunner after destroying the seemingly unstoppable German Panther tanks blocking the army's Third Armored Division on their march to the Rhine River in world war to most of his crew had never received combat awards for heroism and he wasn't prepared Wednesday when the army finally presented and real quick. I saw this story from someone I follow on twitter a woman named Mackenzie who actually attended the ceremony she lives down in DC and the photos she posted it was at memorial said how beautiful it is. They had a full military Dan. They're a really nice crowd. They had beautiful like gold embossed programs. They were handing out the told his story and there was even a tank loan from a guy in Pennsylvania who painted it from the military but it's from some dude mania who has a hobby collecting this guy I read up on it. This guy collects extent. We need to go to that dude's house to get on the pod. I know have bursting anyway. I was real surprised sets more who arrived at the memorial Wednesday morning expecting affecting visit as a tourist. He said he had long ago given up on receiving valor award. He was promised for his actions March six nine hundred forty five. That's interesting to note. He was promised so it was you recognize that he deserved just never received it. It's an honor he said Wednesday on receiving the bronze star I wear the medal a memory of all the young boys who lost their lives there during that time so if you WANNA learn more about you can just Google Clarence Moyer Spelled S. m. o. y. e. r. and hero of Cologne and it's a pretty incredible story and worth noting voting several other several other men who were promises medals have since passed but their families got to go and received the medal of their members. I just thought that was not. I know this is a petty thing I hated this happens to veterans and it happens all the time it's happening to veterans to where you rate these medals and and yes whenever you get out technically doesn't have anything to do with promotion but with certain levels at our of that level of valor there's enormous benefit that comes with ah whether it's the reduction of interest rate on your home the qualification for your children to go to school for free the way that you pay for registration in certain states like the education benefits on and on and on for awards inner like Bronze Star with Valor and above are purple heart actually and above. I hate that this happens because this guy could've if with the Silver Star there's so many scholarships that would have been available to his children and yes seeing him where at ninety eight years old is beautiful but you also think damn what did he miss out on any truly rated that the that the country should have given him for his actions. Yeah I mean better late than never ever but I agree with you. It is a shame that it took this long so recognize his actions and I think triggered about that because I've been spending so much time lately it feels like with World War Two veterans which is awesome. I mean just yesterday. I drove down to college station to hang out with a gentleman that we're going to play his interview next Friday and just wait till you hear that it is unbelievable believable like some of the stories that he told but we'll get into that next Friday another amazing episodes coming then so make sure that you stick around for that but for all right now we're going to go into our interview that we have with former speaker of the house John Bainer now before we get into that kate and I went down there with Bren- last week cons had some other things going on but cosmetic with them before and so this story is not gonNA surprise after Kate and Brennan had to catch a train back to New York because Kate had to be back for radio and some other things the next day while I was flying back I went out to the same Italian place that we all three are all four of us eight in in had wine with him before so we go inside and you guys know kind of like my running joke whenever we go to a restaurant together spaghetti no matter what restaurant we go to a Mexican Mexican place in Daytona Beach. I'm like what's the Spaghetti Warehouse Spaghetti so we go to this Italian place. We're sitting around this congressional staffers Dafur around there's other people who have important jobs who've worked on like the Hillary Clinton campaign and things like that they're all going around. They're getting like veal Scaloppini and like gala Ma Ma like they're getting all this different Shit it comes around to me speaker banner sitting across the street across the table for me and I say I'll have the spaghetti and meatballs and he looked at me and he goes what in the fuck is wrong with you and it's like it's kind of my thing about a couple of glasses of wine just one a little bit of spaghetti and meatballs and the waiter was like I can't even think of the last time somebody ordered Spaghetti and meatballs at this restaurant I was like like that do which is honestly Kinda hypocritical when you learn about his affinity skype in you're going going to hear more about that. He did the second just that whatever side of the political fence you're on this is just a fantastic sixth grade Taylor this guy and both sides of the fence down in DC like when we went to dinner with them the first time politicians from the left the right we're stopping by and chatting him up and he just has has that kind of quality about him that you just want to listen to what he has to say so if you're listening highly recommend their stories in here I think at this point people realize that we're not like contentious interviews and I think we even said this with the speaker after we're not meet the press that's not what we're designed to do. Were designed to show people stories of that. You might not not hear about it from the other side I had no idea that speaker banner was a CB or why he got into it and some of his background so we're not going to go back and forth with like political arguments when we're sitting in the living room it was just a great conversation to have and I would do it a thousand times in fact I would say he's a friend like we went and whatever we were walking to the restaurant facetime with my wife. My wife was just sitting there and we facetime and she was like I can't believe I just got a facetime from speaker of the House. He's just a great person to be around. I think it's important to highlight that that just goes to show that most of these people in Washington a good majority of them are actually good people and it's when they get in front of a camera or when they are in print that they have to get really divisive but we saw firsthand and you guys saw again last week that but they're actually just good people and they don't necessarily harbor any hate towards anybody else on the other side. It's just there have to argue with them and fight with them because of where they stand politically so it's interesting to see behind the curtain a little bit and see these people for the main point main take away you can disagree without being disagreeable. Here's the speaker of the house jump Bainer well now zero block thirty. We've been trying to make this podcast work for months and I'm so excited we had a wonderful night a couple of months ago. It was in July June. Something like that and we had glasses of wine ripped many any cigarettes with the former speaker of the house John Banner. We are in his house now hanging out and we're just going to have a nice little conversation super excited. It's true and don't tell him I'm going to browse through some of his toiletries later. See if see if I can take any soaps home oh speaker Sir hello well. It's really good to be with you yeah so now talking to Mr Banner is that he has stories for days and one of those we are just what about to get into was when he was hot might with vice president buying it you wanna tell us about that sir. I don't know whether it was twenty. Twelve or twenty a might have been two thousand. There's an eleven but anyway I opening the houseman starting to get everything ready for the state of the Union members were there and the vice president leads the Senate into the House Chamber for the State of the Union and then so this case was Joe Biden so joe comes up and he and I hire friends and I'm telling you about this round round of golf that I played in August and.

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