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This week's show without talking about the big news of the week, which is of course old way Daniel Ricciardo, old most like Weber and ultimatum Oscar Piazza Moscow PS3. It's a Russian version of him. Moscow piastre, delicious Moscow piastre my favorite drink. Oscar piastre. The Russian version of Oscar pierce would be Oscar. Potash. Potash. Yes, the Ural khali sponsored version of Oscar piastre, like a parallel universe. They've made good. They've all apologized to one another. Well, I have it all pod microwave has done the apologizing. Even though Daniel Ricciardo said it wasn't necessary, they're all good friends. He's called Oscar wish him all the best. Oscar's presumably said something similar, but obviously he has not reported what he said. Yeah, he went to Daniel Ricciardo and smiled at him and said, thank you. And that's all that happened. But it's because this is now becoming resolved, is that we have the meeting of the contract recognition board last week, and they made their announcement on Friday, the Oscar piaster is going to McLaren because it turns out Alpine forgot to give him a contract, which seems like a fairly substantial oversight reform with one team. That's just my opinion. And as a result, he will be a McLaren driver next year. At the end of all these rob, now it's been a lot of speculation over the last month about what's going on. What I'll make mark has been doing with these young charges Oscar piastre, and now pain and betrayal and integrity and loyalty. But in the end, it turns out that, well, the contract recognition board lawyers, whatever their names were, they all had great names as well. Go look up. Hope it's in phase as well. Oh boy. I tell you what for the right of their charging. If I see a reimbursement climb of cargo is 90 for a focaccia and a cup of coffee, I'll just say you know what, you can write that one off so you can have that good choice. The climate expenses when you're charging those rights. But then again, the best in the business apparently. And so that's what they came up with. And in classic I always enjoy legal case, even if it's a civil criminal or kangaroo court kind of case where it doesn't really matter. Of saying a verdict that is given that starts with, well, there was no pain had no case to begin with, but nonetheless, we heard it and then we determined that I had no case. And so they wasted everyone's time. And they probably knew this and probably legal adviser was suggested this and they are still wrong. So stamp up. It is incredible. It's like half a million pounds or Euros. Which is no, no, not half a million. Yeah, half a million. A million bucks. It's a big investment on Oscar piastre. This is cost McLaren so much money as to what's going to unfold. Obviously, there's the severance package for Daniel. And they obviously probably something to Alpine as well, or but it's obviously gone in their favor. And it's probably the only wash up that's left is really where Daniel's going to end up. That's kind of the unfinished part of this tale, and we still don't know yet, where he's going to end up, but the whole straight swap for Ricciardo back at Alpine doesn't seem to be sticking. Which is quite remarkable to tell you the truth, but anyway, yeah, so I think if we examine all the players involved, el pain and maybe otma look inept. Quite frankly, to be very very harsh with you. Mark Webber seems complicit in the whole scheme, but nonetheless he was doing the right thing by Oscar to find him a safe for next year because obviously Alpine were very vague about things and so they said, well, I can get stuff. Let's say who will actually take us. And so therefore, McLaren, McLaren and Zac Brown, and then dry sodal in terms of stock down in terms of the good block pub test. And your side also says he was very transparent about the whole thing, Daniel Ricciardo apparently knew, but then the whole sort of thing of addressing the staff and lending Daniel say that I'm thinking I'm not leaving. Is questionable. It's like you wouldn't do this by stealth. Surely but then again on my staff now I just went to Oscar piastre while I was in the middle of a simulator. All the race driver next year. Well done. Here's a pat on the head. So yeah, probably out of all this. Alpine look ridiculous, but McLaren seemed like ship blokes. Is the crux of it really? And Oscars is just a porn in the middle and Danny Ricardo is the biggest out of all of it, really. So it's an interesting title and one that I think, yeah, it's very juicy and salacious, but very sad to see what's happening to Ricardo and hopefully it's not the end of the road for him on that front. What he said isn't it? Because you've wrapped it up very nicely there in any little package. Alpine sort of look like incompetent and McLaren. Well, it turns out they weren't as dick dastardly as we all thought they were a week ago. Wow, they still potentially didn't tell Ricardo a lot of this stuff, although we also argue Ricardo could have deduced some of it. But to be fair, when they'd signed up, Oscar on 4th of July and Ricardo put out that message and also there's a good word that they probably had some kind of pre agreement even earlier than that. Maybe in June, because there's just so much in action on Alpine's part that, yeah, as you say, mark where we just needed to get him a driver. It's his job to make sure Oscar is employed and he was doing his best to make sure that was the case. So it turns out, actually, he's coming out of this looking much better than I think you probably would have or could have rather. But as you say, the question is now just all about Daniel Ricciardo. Now I'm over here, Robin. I've been looking, I've been looking at Daniel for the last two weeks, obviously, 'cause it's what you do when you come here. And he just looks sad. I don't know. I've been asked. I've been asked this by a couple of different people. And I'm actually struggling to even think of other hyperbolic words to use instead of sad, but he's just looks sad. He looks sad. He's putting on a brave face at a sort of, it's sort of like enough to get through, but you can still see the behind this brave face, it's sadness. I don't know if you saw that clip where he said he didn't know the 4th of July thing.

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