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08 prevent the spread of viruses with Michael and Sons. German Sidle U. V C Go to Michael and son dot com Way of traffic and weather on the eights in Crawford in the traffic center, starting in Virginia, 95 North bound coming out of Fredericksburg. Line across the Rappahannock and then near a quiet exit. 1 43 a for Route one crash activity was over on the left side. I think most of it is being cleaned up in there just now, checking the gates that got hit. It's right near the entrance to the north bound express lanes. And as a result, they're trying to make sure those air clear so it's still holding one left lane. But this one maybe soon to be a thing of the past. The rest of the 95 right is fine and 3 95 to the 14 3 Bridge in the clear 66 a little sluggish getting through our long term work zones after Nutley Street and again after 29 Washington Boulevard, you had eastbound toward the Roslyn Tunnel, but you are otherwise fine on the Beltway. No reported delays in Virginia and now in Maryland, earlier issues with debris in the roadway near Branch Avenue and near Georgia Avenue have been resolved. Stick with Maryland and check the B W Parkway. South bound work was before 1 97 color found the trash picking up crew over on the right side. They were blocking a right lane. No serious delays getting past it At the moment, however, 95 drama free between the two beltways to 70. The work continues near Watkinsville Road blocks a right lane. Not much fuss doing it. They'll still with the accident investigation have not got an all clear on this one yet from earlier this morning Damascus road both directions between Annapolis rock road and long corner road crash activity. I believe this one was the fatal So this 1 may be there for some time. Expect a lace and it followed the first responders work around to get around this one in the district Suitland Parkway still shut down in both directions between Stanton Road and Alabama Avenue. Serious crash from the clock our ongoing investigation on the freeway and are the 2 90 five's No reported delays. W T O P Reporters were given by Fitzgerald Auto Mall shop fits first and save money choose from thousands of used cars and trucks visit Small dot com That's the fits way he and Crawford w T o P traffic all right into Storm Team four meteorologist Chuck Bell. We are under enhanced risk for strong to severe storms later into the afternoon and evening ahead of a cold front, which will take the humidity away for.

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