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I don't I do not eat I. I don't I mean Jordan Howard. This Jordan Howard is still good at what he does. He's not a very versatile back but sometimes you only need a light switch to do one thing right and so if he's good at being a running back he can get up the middle and still yards he's going to be used. Do we have a status update on what's going on with Darren sproles. I believe he is aging out of the League or right but I mean he you you know he is still a free agent to sign him. That's what has there been any buzz. Because last I heard he was going to retire and then he said we'll know maybe I'm GONNA come back. After that happened they went out and got Jordan Howard and miles sanders and I really doubt Darren sproles Tsk tags on Saturday would take him back though I there's a lot of Talk Mile Sanders to get on the field. You're going to have to pass protect as a rookie. You're going to have to be able to to play three down type role. You got to be able to pass protected. Catch the ball because he's his skill set is one that at Penn state and I believe it will translate to the N._F._l.. Is a great pass catching option but you gotta pass protect to do it. You GotTa Keep Carson Wentz Your Franchise Investment Upright until he proves he could do that. He's not going to earn the lion share of carries and work I in I had to to dynasty leagues in one. I drafted David Montgomery in the other. I drafted mile sand. You're the third spot in both declared spot in both leagues <hes> because I see just different things that are both the players mile. Sanders has the ability to potentially take you know third down. That's not something I think that Tarik Cohen needs to give up. He's great. Three Cohen is amazing at that so mile sanders..

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