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Maybe it's not fair to Denver because we've seen them in high profile games, get wax because that's the warriors they faced and like, yeah. The warriors also spanked the Spurs. We didn't talk about that. Like, I do think Denver's better than the narrative current narrative, I do think their team, but there's a I'm just making the case for the Spurs. They're like that was that was I just I trust Patty mills and Bryn forms in Britain forms in batons shooting threes than I do the other guys on Denver. You might have a better shot up. The Marta Rosen who has a very bad track record in the NBA playoffs, by the way. If he gets hurt maybe in the first game or second game end and bring Forbes and Patty mills Britan's, shoot more. But until the drugs getting his twenty shots, the I'm not a rose that hurts them. Honestly. So I mean there was that stat and we're going to get to the raptor series. Good segue. I saw yesterday three hundred ninety six players that have logged fifteen hundred minutes or more in the post season the top guys in wind. Bears per forty eight minutes is number one. Michael, Jordan, number two. Lebron James number three is quite Leonard. And then number three ninety one of three ninety six is the Marta rose. So speaks the upgrade for the raptors here, which we can get to tomorrow. Just isn't very good. He's not a good basketball player. He's way overpaid. Yeah. No, I completely. I'm not a fan and all that stuff, but the Spurs look exceeded expectations. So maybe they should be five games gentleman. Sweep and be done. But it's I'm fascinated because that going back to two seat only five times as to see loss in the first round and one. And now we have a minus two dollars to see with no. I think it's great with no campers Rams or nothing like that. Yeah. It real quick. I wanna premise or I should not say preface. But in this by saying people that listen to our pod before the season, they maybe were called. I'm not anti San Antonio. Now, you're really, you know, hammering into. I was the only person I know that that's first season win over. Everyone loves the under this year. I was the only person I know that over. So I am still Bros. In tokyo. I think people are totally overreacting to them. Fair fair. Let's let's go to that Toronto series as you mentioned because they're the two seat out east. Look, it's just a different feel right now and the entire Eastern Conference with no LeBron. What was it nine straight years to the finals finally Toronto doesn't have to deal with LeBron? But they gotta deal with Yana. So you the bucks will get to. But but Toronto obviously went through makeover in the offseason new coach new superstar to Rosen's out. So they have a new superstar and coli, and you love them you love this Toronto team. Explain why. Okay. I mean, we could go on and on. I sent you. I think it was a soliloquy last night in a form of taxed, but ultimately that we talked about the upgrade from the Rosenbluth quieter people. We would all be foolish not to admit, the quite Leonard has another level and especially in the playoffs, and especially this season where he's played, you know, every two out of every three games, more or less. He's been resting. He can take them to another level. But since they did it for Marcus O, which is when I drove down to the strip here in Las Vegas and bet them at plus seventy five win the east, and I still get plus two twenty five to fifty out there, which I think is fantastic. I'm gonna write about it'll be on his dot com. Winter tomorrow probably tomorrow morning, but Marcus on the floor. This is the raptors there, plus seventeen point three points per one hundred ninety nine th percentile lineup..

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